We've got all the life in the world...

Dootzkie Tuesday, August 2, 2011
That doesn't sound right, does it? But saying time isn't true either.

Fact is, the language we know and use is the best means of communication that humanity has invented so far and yet it is far from perfect. Mainly because some things you cannot explain and because some things are connected to the words that they don't belong with.

One of this linguistic traps is the life-time connection. When you are born, your biggest achievements are measured in time [while some may remember when you started walking or talking or when you made that great picture of daddy on mommy, most will remember almost only your age]. Once you are a bit older, your progress is measured with the time frames of your education system which is based on time and not on your actual progress or academic ability. Once you are out of the education machine, its nine to five, five days a week. Time as measure more dominant then any other.

It's a good thing you got some time for your self in between, but what you learned in the machine haunts you there. Two things, mainly.
-Time is connected to existence and while we exist there is time as well. Conclusion is that time is infinite.
-Time we have is just plain that: time. And time it self is infinite.

"What are you up to?"
"Nothing much... Just watching time go by... You?"
"I should do some stuff, but I've got enough time."
"Yea, while we are young we got all the time in the world."
"Sure thing. Why not waste some [time] and chill."

Doesn't sound so bad.
If you never heard any dialog similar to this one raise your hand. Let's see... Ha... There is always one...

Anyway, to get back at track. What we have is life and not time. The main difference is the [in]finity. If you ask me, quite a bit difference. And yet with the way we talk and the way we think, we seems to refuse to think in terms of life. Rather, we use time mercilessly for it can never run out. Sadly we can.
I won't go into the idea of some psychologists that its the fear of death compelling us to talk and think in this manner.
I think its the linguistic self indoctrination that numbs our sense. And what do I advise for you to do.

Simply... Correct this little error and replace time with life in speech and thought where ever you seem fitting.

"What are you up to?"
"Nothing much... Just watching life go by... You?"
"I should do some stuff, but I've got enough life."
"Yea, while we are young we got all the life in the world."
"Sure thing. Why not waste some [life] and chill."

Doesn't sound so harmless, does it. This method has been already used on the teens somewhere in the world and the reduction in apathy was notable. Try it!

~Addendum: I am not saying one should never chill out, that is a part of life. When you say that you will say that you are relaxing. Yet, wasting time just for the sake of wasting life is another thing. And you will see the difference once you start using this little correction.
If you have issues with implementing this into your mind, no rush. It's one of the fundamentally hard wired patters in your mind. In this case, try with something easier and that is to look at the Moon and understand and feel that it's not moonlight you see but reflected sunlight. The idea of moonlight is also one of the hard wired patterns in your mind, but one that can be broken with greater ease. I wrote about this a few posts before.

Enjoy your life!
Take care
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