If truth is of female nature, how can you trust it?

Dootzkie Sunday, November 13, 2011
I will skip the intro on why and how female nature, female aspect is passive and transformative - as opposed to male which is active yet more rigid in nature. If you can agree with it, great!

I have started writing and I give you the translation (and the original) of a thing I wrote today.

The truth sets you free?
It can, but it is not it's main, true nature. If you believe in the (possibility of) truth, undestand that it is a she, a female. Static and transformative.
I have found many truths about a moment that streached for a long time in my past. Some of them set me free, some of them bound me in chains.
But all of them transformed me and my view, outlook on the moments passed and moments to come.

If the truth is a female, how can we trust it?

Original verzija - onako kako mi je doshlo u glavu:

Istina oslobadja?
Ume, ali joj to nije glavna priroda.
Ako verujesh u istinu, shvati da je ona zensko. Statichna i transformishuca.
Saznao sam pregrsht istina o jednom dugom moment. Neke su me oslobodile, neke su me bacile u lance. No sve su me transformisale, kako mene tako i pogled na momenat proshli i buduci.

Ako je istina zensko, mozemo li joj verovati?

We've got all the life in the world...

Dootzkie Tuesday, August 2, 2011
That doesn't sound right, does it? But saying time isn't true either.

Fact is, the language we know and use is the best means of communication that humanity has invented so far and yet it is far from perfect. Mainly because some things you cannot explain and because some things are connected to the words that they don't belong with.

One of this linguistic traps is the life-time connection. When you are born, your biggest achievements are measured in time [while some may remember when you started walking or talking or when you made that great picture of daddy on mommy, most will remember almost only your age]. Once you are a bit older, your progress is measured with the time frames of your education system which is based on time and not on your actual progress or academic ability. Once you are out of the education machine, its nine to five, five days a week. Time as measure more dominant then any other.

It's a good thing you got some time for your self in between, but what you learned in the machine haunts you there. Two things, mainly.
-Time is connected to existence and while we exist there is time as well. Conclusion is that time is infinite.
-Time we have is just plain that: time. And time it self is infinite.

"What are you up to?"
"Nothing much... Just watching time go by... You?"
"I should do some stuff, but I've got enough time."
"Yea, while we are young we got all the time in the world."
"Sure thing. Why not waste some [time] and chill."

Doesn't sound so bad.
If you never heard any dialog similar to this one raise your hand. Let's see... Ha... There is always one...

Anyway, to get back at track. What we have is life and not time. The main difference is the [in]finity. If you ask me, quite a bit difference. And yet with the way we talk and the way we think, we seems to refuse to think in terms of life. Rather, we use time mercilessly for it can never run out. Sadly we can.
I won't go into the idea of some psychologists that its the fear of death compelling us to talk and think in this manner.
I think its the linguistic self indoctrination that numbs our sense. And what do I advise for you to do.

Simply... Correct this little error and replace time with life in speech and thought where ever you seem fitting.

"What are you up to?"
"Nothing much... Just watching life go by... You?"
"I should do some stuff, but I've got enough life."
"Yea, while we are young we got all the life in the world."
"Sure thing. Why not waste some [life] and chill."

Doesn't sound so harmless, does it. This method has been already used on the teens somewhere in the world and the reduction in apathy was notable. Try it!

~Addendum: I am not saying one should never chill out, that is a part of life. When you say that you will say that you are relaxing. Yet, wasting time just for the sake of wasting life is another thing. And you will see the difference once you start using this little correction.
If you have issues with implementing this into your mind, no rush. It's one of the fundamentally hard wired patters in your mind. In this case, try with something easier and that is to look at the Moon and understand and feel that it's not moonlight you see but reflected sunlight. The idea of moonlight is also one of the hard wired patterns in your mind, but one that can be broken with greater ease. I wrote about this a few posts before.

Enjoy your life!
Take care

Program me!

Dootzkie Saturday, July 30, 2011
As one of my passions, psychology, enticed me to follow it down the rabit whole, at the other side of the earth, I fell in the the land of neuro linguistic programming and found my self very welcomed there. I also "stayed" there for quite a while, not leaving it where ever I went in this world, always testing and extrapolating algorythms of behaviour and the inner workings of mine and the mind of others.

Partially, this is why I abandoned this fine blog I have here. What snapped me back into "reality" is that soon I'll be going to the seaside and that even sooner I should start hitting the books for the univeristy. But all that, at least on here can wait for from this post onwards I will share some great things I have found and some even greater things I have managed to merge with my old storage of information and this new input.

As for now I will only provide you with a small pointer which is - If you want to get your self into this [and I know you will after some posts of mine], start with reading Richard Bandlers "Using your brain for a change". It's just enought to be basic and stimulating. As we continue going down this rabbit hole I will provide more references to texts or experts. I expect you to do the same via comments.

Be well!

Piece of paper.

Dootzkie Thursday, July 7, 2011
In my last post I mentioned that I was in Budapest for a debating competition. And that the competition was held at CEU. I must say that this is the first time I have been to a - as people call it - graduation university. An university that you join only for one last year or for masters. Oh and for PhD. Apart from the last reason I kinda do find it silly that you would firstly, get the paper of that institution that you finished it when you spend most of your time somewhere else and got used to that way of doing things and secondly, that now there are many "universities" that are only there to provide the finishing year or masters.

Because, think about it, you did something for three to four years at your first university and you will bring most of the habits into your future with you. Once you switch to the graduation/master university it's seems more like a checkup on the topic can your methods you learned and that are now a part of you produce results in some other system which is in power in places that you might want to get a job later. They are not proper educational institutions. They are just providers of a piece of paper that tells others you are just another product of a random educational system that can hit into a mold that is expected to produce needed results.

And I say, to hell with it! Gamble a little and have people from many places doing the same thing. Two plus two will equal four everywhere, but the way you get the result may not. Someone will see two of the same number and will multiply, someone will see two of the same numbers multiplied and will square one number. Some will see two and two sheep and some will see two and two rockets. The results will be the same but changing, or more so, enriching the views might sprout new solutions!

With this little rant over I'd like to say that in the future I will have to use you all as lab rats, if you wish to respond via comments, that is. I started learning about submodalities and NLP so while I will be testing it with the people I know IRL, a more global response would be nice.

Be well

Thoughts on Budapest

Dootzkie Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I have just returned from the debating tournament held at Central European University in Budapest and I'd like to share some impressions with my dear readers.

~The city feel.
I like the vibe of the city very much so. I thought it has more people living in it then my beloved Belgrade, but they are of the same size. While Budapest has been affected by the socialistic architecture, it's a lot less noticeable then in Belgrade and with so much great both new and old buildings I felt like Belgrade and Paris clashed and gave birth to Budapest. I have added it to the list of cities I need to know as back of my own palm, so I do plan to go there again... And again.

~The motivation.
For sure won't be the Hungarian girls. After three days and a visit to 400, Szimpla Kert, Corvinus and a few places at Franz List square [I think I only spelled 400 correctly] I have concluded that "you're face isn't so asymmetrical" is the pinnacle a compliment you can give to a Hungarian chick.
Food could be one of the motivators to return there. I had a religious experience with a sour cherry strudel cover in chili chocolate.
A sure motivator will be the spa centers! Ten euros for a whole day access to a place with great warm pools, saunas, cold barrels, Turkish baths might seem cheap, but you will have to leave after a few hours anyway cause the water saps your energy so fast. I have heard that when the weather is better one of the spa centers makes a party at nighttime with rather good cocktails.

~The political issues.
Since I was in Budapest during the Jobbik rally I would like to say a few things on the political climate there. When the Jobbik came to the public view as the VERY radical nationalistic and racist group the other right wing parties such as Fidesz seems mild and a good choice. Now they are in power and Moscow square and any other signs of social remnants are being removed and are replaced with proper Hungarian names. In a few days, Hungary will step down from the position of "leading" the EU in favor of Poland and people that live there tell me that then they do expect an outburst of nationalism.

For those that weren't there, I recommend you go there and enjoy this great city with your own senses.

As a note, GO Djokovic GO!

Be well

I lied... Here is a quote

Dootzkie Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Here is a quote from a manga. I firmly believe that you can learn over any medium, be it manga, movie, book, song. Hope you feel the same.

All creatures want to believe in something bigger than themselves. They cannot live without blind obedience. And to scape the pressure of that trust, those in whom faith is placed in turn look for someone higher than themselves. And then those people in turn look for someone even stronger. That is how all Kings are born. That is how all Gods are born.

On top of that, notice the "It's like we are all trapped by it" line in the clip. This is what Gods are for me. ;)

The return of the prodigal son


At least I am not half barefoot.

There has been a lot of events in the last two weeks of my life. Some joyful, some gloomy, some that happened to others, some that happened to me.

But after all that I have returned. And I won't stay all too long here for I plan to move this fine establishment to a new and much better organized site with it's own .com URL.
Best news so far where that all the time I neglected this site and it's readers payed of. I passed two exams I wanted so I can pause from the university work for a while. The bad news is that I will have a lot of free time in July and some in August. Well, actually, the bad news is the reason, and the free time is just an effect that can still change.

For the blog, nonsense songs will return, so will the texts and the music. Pictures will be removed, as a theme, but will as such follow some posts. The same will be done with quotes. And since today was a day for quotes, it means I don't have to write anything.

Also, a final note. From 1st of July till the 3rd or 4th I will be in the capitol city of Hungary on a debating competition at CEU or how's it called. So... As you might have figured, I won't be around during that time as well.

As for the upcoming topics they will be about education system. For this I blame the fact that I had to study like crazy to pass constitutional law, that I have started reading an interesting book that delves deep into the human mind and that I have been watching [again] a lot of Sir Ken Robinsons talks.

Hope you dear lemon drops are still around and reading ;)

Be well

Upcoming greatness

Dootzkie Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Twisted fate strikes again and I rise from the ashes with more great ideas!

First off, my real life will get a lot more complicated as of soon since I might get an almost dreamjob for a youngling like my self without the university degree. Ofcourse, I will continue going to my university. On to of that I might be taking a course on NLP, which is something I am very interested in and since it's a proper course it will eat a lot of time, but my posts might take a turn towards that [and nightlife and music festivals due to the possible new job].
On top of that I will be going back to the gym...

Damn... With all that writen down I my self don't know where I'll find the time to do it all and have any spare time for anything else.

Now, as for my net activities, I was having some difficultios with some malicious twats, but that is being taken care of. And, the best thing about it all is that in a few days [if my mate finds the time to finish some stuff] I will be launching a new site with .com. This pleases me greatly because I will include 4 themes in that which will be Nonsense - Insults - Pick ups - Random

For nonsense, well, my readers do know what I mean by that. I plan to keep on collecting those lovely limerics and even enable a way for people to send me their own.
For insults... I find the lack of sophistication in a day to day insults and comebacks disturbing. Yo mama and NO U will be ignored while some other ones will be pushed into the front row [Instead, You sooo old one could say "If I was to tell you to act your own age, you'd die"]
For pickups - I will include some funny and some neat and nifty tricks and lines that are either there for amusement or can be really used for approach. From "Do you know what's the average weight of a polar bear. No...? Neither do I but it breaks the ice" [And I had some positive replies to that!] to some well thought off backhanded compliments [or negs if you know what I mean *wink*].
Random will be... Random... Mostly texts or stimulative videos. I will pull a few texts from here to get it started and will write one or two a week.

Now, I am off... Life calls!

Be well

Twisted Fate

Dootzkie Sunday, June 19, 2011
Just as things start to normalize in one section of ones life, some other fall apart out of the blue... Just as I returned to writing, real life had some different ideas and so I will need to make one pause, I presume one week long.

Be well

After some fixing

Dootzkie Saturday, June 18, 2011
I got back to the domain.

Some net providers might block it, but I like the look of it.

On a side note, I have started making two sites [one will be done real soon] so expect me to move to .com soon enough.

Be well

Honesty of true authoritarianism.

As a law student I do come across a lot of theories connected to the institutions of the state, politics, law and the state it self. There you got whole chapters dedicated to democracy, socialism, constitutional monarchy, and many other systems I will not bother you with. At the end of each section in the book, you get a few words about
authoritarianism which is always presented as a bad thing that never worked and never gave anything good to the civilization.
From there, everything ends on the idea that monarchy is outdated, socialism failed and that democracy is the best way for the future while authoritarianism is the worse.

I somehow disagree with this on the basis of two issues. The first is that democracy doesn't always come in a package with freedoms we crave while the authoritarianism doesn't exclude them. If you take a look on what is happening in Spain and Turkey and the freedom of info flowing over the net or my own country, Serbia, and the neighboring Hungary and the freedom of media, you will see that democratic states can be... No use the "1984" way of speaking, not democratic.

And then, we have the second issue and that is the honesty of regime. I firmly believe that in authoritarian regimes you get one of two cases of public opinion. Either 80 percent and over are happy and satisfied [this is what one could call a good authoritarian regime] or it's the other way around where over then 80 percent are not satisfied [one could say that they are VERY pissed off].
The first case is blissful and joyful and we should leave it as that. The second example is dreadful, but with a hidden benefit. With so many unsatisfied people, the regime will fall because of its acts. The critical mass will form and the true discontent will show for it is not possible for a government to have under control all of it's people.

Alas, today we live in a "democratic" world where you can vote and decide who will rule over you. Tony Benn, a British politician and a member of British Labour Party once said that "If the elections could change anything, those in power would abolish them a long time ago." You get an illusion that you matter, that your vote matters and yet nothing changes. Either you don't have anyone to vote for or you do vote just to be disappointed. It doesn't matter of its a system with two major parties [like USA or GB] or where you have more parties... You end up feeling cheated out of your vote and yet you do nothing for you get used to being content with the little you have and the less that you are given.

When you want to boil a frog you need to put her in a water of mild temperature for if you put her in the boiling water it will jump out. Then you start heating up and before the frog understands what's happening, it's done and ready for serving.

In authoritarianism you live either great for there is no political turmoil and everything is done for the state and it's people OR you live bad enough that you want to do something about it.

In democracy you live bad enough so that resources that should have been yours are taken away and that you feel like nothing and feel replaceable, but you don't live bad enough so you would do something.

This is why I say that authoritarian regimes are more honest. Because they either give you a sponge bath or try to boil you.
This is why the modern democratic world is more interested in preventing the creation of a critical mass of discontent then in how it's people live.

Share your opinions and experiences from the place you live, if you can.

Be well and think with your own head!

Quick Update

Dootzkie Friday, June 17, 2011
I have returned to the internet!
Exam - passed and now the university is on hold for two month of pure mentally hedonistic pleasure.

New posts will come flowing real soon.
And we start them off with a nonsense poem for today is Friday [I know what you are singing in ya head! STOP IT]

There was an Old Person of Tring,
Who embellished his nose with a ring;
He gazed at the moon
Every evening in June,
That ecstatic Old Person of Tring.

To live well is to live unseen

Dootzkie Monday, June 13, 2011
No picture for today, but something much more important and much more powerful.

For those that feel the will of Atlas in them, know, you will not live well...
Accept that fact and make it your armor.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Dootzkie Sunday, June 12, 2011
I don't want to be right...

Enjoy some music on this fine, 5 days till exam day :D


Just a little update

Dootzkie Saturday, June 11, 2011
Yes... Still studying... But university will grace me with almost two months of freedom afterwards so its ok.

Anyway... Yesterday Desktoper mentioned in his comment that he couldn't see my followers widget. If you could, look to the right, between the ads and blogroll and tell me if you see it.

Thanks ;)

Is it nonsense I hear?!

Dootzkie Friday, June 10, 2011
There was an Old Man of Jamaica,
Who suddenly married a Quaker;
But she cried out, "Alack!
I have married a black!"
Which distressed that Old Man of Jamaica

Now! My last exam will be done in a week so until then, still no big texts. Sorry, university putting me down, man :D
But Imma give you a retrospect on the comments from yesterday and will ask you all for a creative favor!

A lot of people have mentioned Zeitgeist in regards to the yesterdays video I posted and while they deal with the same subject the autism of the ZG movement is something that sets it apart. As someone who was part of translating of Zeitgeist 3 and many articles of Venus Project, while these two organizations worked together, I have came to a conclusion that a lot people in the Zeitgeist movement believe that you can just turn away from this system and that it won't hunt you down. You can see this best in the premier interview for ZG3 in New York when the team gathered and responded to a question regarding the how where and when will the fabled city that Venus Project propose be build. Utter autism led them to believe and answer that if they build it and segregate them self, everyone will accept that.
On the other hand, the video from yesterday was only dealing with the idea that someone is taking your money and not the pathology of it or if the money is even needed. They are both faulty, but if you are smart enough you can see that quality parts in both and extract them for your own belief system.

I will talk about my extractions once the university relinquishes its grasp on my time.

Until then, the creative favor. I am planning to make something nice out of these nonsense poems I find I books and online, so if you have one in your mind, please share it. I will be sure to put it with the rest, if it's in order and you will get nothing for it :P

Be well

Not so tinfoil hats animation

Dootzkie Thursday, June 9, 2011
I am fully aware that many of you have been listening about the IMF, World Bank, 9/11 and all that so you might be fed up with it.

But, if you just look around you must also be aware that there is something terribly wrong with the present state of things. The neo-colonial world we live in has a lot of issues, but at this moment, I bring you an animation that is dedicated mostly to the USA.

In my opinion, the change won't start there in the US. Why? That is another question for another post. First we will need a ray of light from somewhere which I like to call "a good example".

Enjoy the animation and share your feelings after you have watched it.

Picture, quote, university update

Dootzkie Wednesday, June 8, 2011
With the day of rest passed, it seems that I will need to return to the books since university exams are not over yet. Damn this university degree I strive to claim as my own. But, it can't be helped. For the stuff I want to do in life, status that comes with it is a most. As for knowledge, I'll just need to gather as much along the way.

This means, for you, dear reader that there is about a week and a bit more of torment here while you wait for the texts that are sprouting from my mind.

But, let's see what I can do for now. For now, I should post a picture or two since I didn't do so yesterday and these will be of my "hood". Both in the spring and in the winter.

Guess which has been taken at what point in the yearly cycles ;)
It's a quiet suburb on a hill that overlooks the city. Lots of green all around the orange bricks.

As for today, a quote is in order. Since as of late I have been watching Game of Thrones I have decided to, since I can't find time to read, at least to listen to the audiobook. The quote that goes around my head when I hear or watch about the Starks is one from Princess Mononoke:

When you cut off a wolfs head, it can still bite for one final time

A wise warning to never let your guard down, for the winter is coming.

University going smooth

Dootzkie Monday, June 6, 2011
Yes, yes! I have passed todays exam. Pulled three really nasty and very long questions, but in the end my endless trivia knowledge and the ability to refrase what I have just heard and pack in and present it as my new original thought allowed me to pass the exam.

So, it was a good day. Afterwards I chilled out with my best mate, bought a funny book and read it all in one go.

Tomorrow, university gets a hold on my life once more, until the last exam for a while that will happen in 16th of June.

Anyway, since I can't upload a picture now, the usual theme for Monday will come a bit later.

Hope you all fine people out there are fine and dandy.
Be well


Dootzkie Sunday, June 5, 2011
No post yesterday, I know... Exam is tomorrow so I can't bother with this all that much.

Anyway, some Sunday music comes in a form of BAGPIPES! Many dislike their sound, but I really enjoy their sound. If I didn't so fond of my own country I'd go to Scotland for sure!

Enjoy and see ya tomorrow!


Special day

Dootzkie Friday, June 3, 2011



First, cause it's a day for silly poems! Here is one

There was an Old Man of the West,
Who never could get any rest;
So they set him to spin
On his nose and his chin,
Which cured that Old Man of the West.

Now, if that wasn't enough, you'll be happy to know that today is my birthday! Twenty two years of age. Damn, I feel old!

I will be short now, since with the university and today's social obligations, I am REALLY short on time, so here is the cake that I will eat with my family. It's one of my favorite cakes, very simple and VERY chocolate!


The winter is coming

Dootzkie Thursday, June 2, 2011
I've started watching something I wanted to read a while ago. Again, more interesting philosophical books or school/university work didn't allow me to have enough time. Now that I have seen the start of the story, I am sure to read the books as soon as I get the chance. Hopefully right after university exams finish in two weeks and before the classes at university start which is a bit further.

Anyway, here is the intro to the Game of Thrones by HBO. Open it in Youtube, HD, full screen. It's the only way to watch this short art piece.

As for those that are wondering where I watched the show, try TVDuck.


Freedom of security.

Dootzkie Wednesday, June 1, 2011
He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither

In regards to one of the previous posts that can be found here, I wanted to share this not so much of a quote, but a statement. A truism attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Because I believe that everyone feel the idea of this I won't talk about it in length. I will just point you into the direction of another older post of mine that deals with the most important freedom we have.

I will say this. If you are not free to make your own choices, then your security isn't in your hands but in the hands of those that make the choices for you.

As for me, university is eating up my time and will continue to do so for the next two weeks. I have no classes, but with exams knocking on the door, it's time to study hard. Damn you, university and degree!
At least it's all for a good purpose. I do learn a lot about the system we live in.

Be well.

Hearing isn't listening.

Dootzkie Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Have you ever noticed that people don't listen what you are saying, but only hear that you are making some noise and are interested more in it's intonation.

There is a theory that no one actually ever listens to anyone. We just hear what we think the other party said. I ask you, if we only here one fraction of the sounds that surround us, would it not be possible that out of that fraction, our brains ignore even more. Isn't it possible that the source of our imagination at one point in our lives is fed up with the things he hears and starts whispering his versions of the story to us. "Fuck it all! I'll tell this soul what I want"

Charles de Gaulle had a funny idea once. At a formal dinner with all the dignitaries from all the countries as well as from his own he was at the door, with his wife, greeting them.
~Good evening. Today I killed my mother in law - said Charles.
~Good evening, mister de Gaulle. Good to hear that.

No one noticed but one security guard. Guess he was programmed to hear "kill" so if Charles didn't once confirm that he did tell this to people, we couldn't have been sure.

No one listened to him...

Do you listen or do you hear?

Cries of a strawberry

Dootzkie Monday, May 30, 2011
It's Monday, Monday! Gotta get up on Monday. Right after weekend, weekend!

Now, when most of you hate me, I bring you some more of the pictures I took. These are quite recent.

They do look yummie don't they. I like to think that I am a giant in a world of strawberries. This way I can imagine that they are screaming as I put them in my mouth...

Please don't eat me!

They try to trick me by anthropomorphising them self!
It won't save you!

Over and out until tomorrow.

Squeeze me tight

Dootzkie Thursday, May 26, 2011

Found this today and even thou this day should have an easy going theme, sadly for some, it won't.

Knjaz Milosh, an important ruler in the histroy of my country once asked his informers is the people talking amongst them self.
~Well, my lord, they are talking about how they are not satisfied
~Squeeze them even more - Responded Milosh

After a while, one the same question, Milosh got the same answer. This repeated it self for quite a while until one day the responce was "the people is silent"
On this, Milosh jumped and spoke loudly - Release the preasure on the people at once.

In the state I am living, the present goverment did something great recently. Amongst all the bad decisions they made and for which the people are paying more and more they decided to start squeezing people where no ruler on this teritories did. This made me smile because once you go down that road, you perish...

I love when things unfold in front of my eyes, what ever it is. And we can expect curtain things to happen becaus even thou histroy doesn't repeat it self, it rhymes.

As for todays theme, it was about design, so I do hope you enjoyed the picture above and I do hope that if you are not free to make your own options, you understand that you can stand in only two conditions.


Are you bold enough?

Dootzkie Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Wednesday stands for quotes and with the basic three ones being covered already I shall now move onto some that we all know, but also, on how they manifested them self in my life.

For today we will play around with ~ Fortes fortuna adiuvat ~ Fortune favors the bold.

My take on this proverb is that sometimes people won't believe what you did so you get away with it, but that also, you need to have a certain mind set if you want to pull it off. I know I have done a lot of needlessly risky things and got away with it. I also believe that if some of my timid mates would do that, they would get Hells heat!

On the other hand I also believe that you cannot be bold without an aim. I believe that is the main difference between have no brain and having balls. In a world where a lot of people have no direction, having aim can intimidate most of the people around you. This is why you are able to push it further then others did.

Share with me, with us, here, your moments of bravery.
Preferably those that when ended made you go "WTF did I just do?!"

University debate

Dootzkie Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Over this last weekend as some of you know I was attending a debating tournament held at the university of political science.

The format was BP [British parliamentary debate] which meant that you will have added two sections of the table. For those that know it, its obvious why this format is so great, for those that don't, Google it... I can't explain it in here without flooding the blog with walls of text.

The topic we were talking about were:
~THW put those that go on a hunger strike on trial for an attempted murder.
~THW divide Kosovo [a local theme].
~THW allow only the state to fund election campaign.
~THW give the "morning after" pill to everyone.

Then the semi-finals
~THB that the state should provide drugs to the junkies.

And the finals
~THB that the international community should actively take side in a inner-state conflicts around the world.

[THW - This House Would / THB - This House Believes]

We had people from many many different universities. University of psychology, law, political science, organizational science, economics, philology, philosophy and others.
In the spirit of the debating competition, the second that started out slowly because of the epidemy of hangovers and the lack of sleep but it ended with a great finals in which the winners too home a bottle of Mr. Walker.

Do you have a debating club on your university?
And why if you aren't in it, what are you waiting for?!

Ending of a day

Dootzkie Monday, May 23, 2011
This is one of the streets I visit a lot since my best mate lives there. A proper friend who won't sugar coat anything, who will be there for you, who will try his best to understand you.
I love taking pictures and so far the camera on my N97mini Nokia worked fine, quality wise.

Also, since yesterdays posts was moved for today, tomorrow I will post a little text about the weekend behind us so that you can all see that spending a weekend at the university with students and debaters from more then five universities and three countries can be fun.
Important disclaimer before tomorrows post is a joke we often hear and it is "that debaters don't have an opinion of their own but only a side to represent"


Dootzkie Thursday, May 19, 2011
I bet ya all thought I'll post another RSA post or some other clip that is connected to education and degree devaluation and about how classes are not motivating enough. It's obvious that education and educational system are very important to me, but even I sometimes just want to mess about.
Well, this weak I will treat you with something smokers know and friends of smokers know better. It's not the smoke, nor the stench of the ashtray the spreads form the clothes after a few minutes in a club.
It's about... Well you'll see.

YES! It's that infernal one cigar before doing anything.

~Let's go, we'll me late.
~Let's sit here for a bit. I'd like to smoke another one.

Final quotation.

Dootzkie Wednesday, May 18, 2011
First you decided who you want to be and understood you do what you must do.
You are doing it?! GREAT!
And you, a brave man, may fall, but you will not yield! Because what you are doing must be done.

But what are you doing? Why? I missed that part for a while in my life and then in an interesting documentary about the spirit of our time I saw a quote my Gandhi.

~Be the change you want to see in this world~

I consider this the perfect motivation for anything. The source of all the acts. It's not because God or priest or president or dictator or torturer or mother or father told you you need to do something. Don't get me wrong, this quote, when used as a driving force can still produce some ill deeds. But that's only because people behind those ill deeds wanted that kind of change in the world. This quote reduces the fault possibility only to a human factor, which is still a lot. If you were educated in a way that makes you hinder both your self and others, it's all on you.

See the change you want to happen to this world. Be the change, enable the change. I say, that is a good thing to decide you should and that you must do! That is a path on which you must not yield.

These three quotes are the way I lead my life. They allow me to see things which ever I like, so they are not restrictive on that plane. But what they disable for me is to back down.

What is the change you want to see in this world?
Are you ready to follow the path that will enable that change?

Think what your told. Ignore what you are not told

Dootzkie Tuesday, May 17, 2011
I have an older brother. Ten years and 33 days older to be exact. This was always a hurdle that was hard go to over in our relations, but to me, it meant and still means a lot to have hints and traces, a sneak peak on what's going on ten buss stops from where I am.
Now that I am in my 20s and he is in his 30s we don't get much chances to talk about random stuff, but before he started working and before I grew up there was a time when we talked a lot and fought even more. My fucked up shoulder and two teeth and his broken nose are proofs of brotherly love.

But today I won't be talking about that special day when most of the injuries happened. No... Today I will talk about what he helped me understand during a period that I took my first steps on a road called educational system.

I was always ahead of other kids in everything related to school, classes, knowledge, but I had one weakness. I couldn't care less about numbers. Before I went to the first grade I was already solving all kinds of mathematical issues related to geometry but not via knowledge of what the length is this or that side of the triangle, but what is their relation to the other parts of the object. Kids are not limited by the info they receive and thus are better at some forms of abstract thinking. Who else would believe in imaginary characters as Santa, Easter Bunny and such.

In the first week of school we started doing our letters, numbers and other things that were foundation for the future of learning. The basis of written language, the language of math and so on.

On the weekend I got a chance to talk to my bro and once he asked me what did I learn in this week I jumped of joy because I had a chance to show of my progress. I am learning how to write [I knew to read, but I hated writing with my hand] and how to count to one hundred, I shouted.

To prove to him I learned properly and that I don't need to write down the numbers to do it right I started counting [see... I really didn't want to use my hands for writing pointless stuff].

1, 2, 3, ... ,54, 55, 56, ... ,97, 98, 99, 100!

To this he said ~ Continue. I was puzzled! Continue?! What does he mean by that! He is older and knows more and wants to show me I still don't know anything? Can't he congratulate me?!

~I don't know how...
~How can you not know how... Didn't you see the logic in how the numbers went so far? Think!
~I don't know, we didn't go as far in the school, but I learned a lot in this neat subject that...
~Continue the counting!
~Figure it out... See what happens to the numbers as they grow and apply it.
~So... One hundred one?
~One hundred AND one? But that's only for some numbers. Go one, you got it
~102, 103, ... 143, 144, ... , 198, 199 ... two... hundred...?
~Yes, go on...
~201 ... 332 ... 457 ... 895 ... 999... ten hundred?
~No, that's a thousand. Keep counting, but skip some numbers, we don't have all the time in the world.
Thousands, tens and hundred of thousands, millions, billions. I was dealing with numbers I couldn't have thought I could imagine just an few hours ago!
~Count to ten, my ass... Cause the teacher told you you only know to count to ten... Don't be an idiot! You see that's nothing compared to what you can do.

Tomorrow, in the class, I officially became a smart ass and a scourge that will bring plight to many teachers during my next twelve years of basic schooling.

And I learned to draw a logical line from this and apply it onto logical subjects as well. If France borders Germany, then Germany borders France. Remembering this moment of my youth allowed me to stop learning as I am told and how I am told. It enabled me to learn as I wanted from the information I could find where ever. It also taught me that information is connected and logical rather then a linear concession of lectures in books.

To this day, I am not sure how much this even influenced me and liberated me, but I am sure that my memory of it indeed did all that.

Now, get off, go to your little sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, nephews or neighbors and teach them the basic logic that you can perceive from your present knowledge in a way that they can understand. This will enrich both you and them and more importantly, the upcoming generations. Gods know they will need it with our present education system.

Be well.

Morning neck flexing.

Dootzkie Monday, May 16, 2011
I often did think that my high school was on the border of civilized center of my city. I am not saying that everyone who is further away from the center then that school is a savage, but presently I do enjoy the fact that my university is in center part of the city. Mostly because that after classes on the university I can chill in a park or a coffee shop, but also because there are no sights like this.

Female Parking?


Rome Tennis Finals!

Dootzkie Sunday, May 15, 2011
It's kinda off topic for my blog but as someone from Serbia I need to share this great joy that everyone in this country and from this country feels!

After a great win in Madrid against Nadal, Đoković [or Djokovic for those that don't have cyrilics] won again, one the same kind of field against the same opponent!

All hail the great tennis master ~ Novak!

Educating, over-educating and de-educating

Dootzkie Saturday, May 14, 2011
The day when I reveal my epiphany that I had under the new Old Bridge in Mostar has come!

This is the picture I posted a few days ago that in contains a pile or rocks, towers made by the stone masons from the ages passed and a newly rebuild bridge made out of uniform and brick like stones.

The metaphor for me, at that moment in time was clear. I saw human beings as stones and the way they are arranged as our social structure. Education was seen as how much of the stones potential was used while still keeping it a proper stone with its true nature.

And then it hit me. For those that didn't read Huxley's Brave New World a small info boost ~ The book starts in a factory that produces humans designed to fit one of the four categories. Deltas get poison as fetuses, Alphas get nurtured in the best possible way, Betas learn that those bellow them are ugly and stupid and that Alphas work too much, while Gamma toddlers are terrorized with noise in the presence of art and roses so they connect art, flowers and finer things in life with stress and fear. It clearly depicts a state where individuals are made by a custom order from those in power so they will fit into the predetermined slots.

Humans, rocks, have been turned to dust and then molded one by one into fine bricks.
I firmly believe that this is the way we are heading today.

We need to become civilized and educated by abandoning out primal urges which lead to frustration and unhappiness. Over the past few decades we have seen the invention of ADHD and Ritalin to move the molding process even further into childhood and with new breakthroughs in genetics, I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see modifications made even before kids start being considered alive.

On the other hand the pile of rocks on the bottom left reminded me of the Summerhill school in England. A place that classes aren't mandatory and where attending them or doing any school work isn't compulsory. It's a well know fact that kids that go there want to learn and show initiative to do so on their own, but their short-sighted nature hinders them from maybe enduring something not as fun today so that they can achieve something more interesting and better tomorrow.

Kids, rocks, left to shape them self as the pile moves and as parts of them are chipped off by pure chance.
I firmly believe this doesn't do the majestic stones full justice.

And what should we do then?! I say we need builders, stone masons, people that see the potential of the stone as an individual and it's potential as a part of something greater. Someone who keeps the stone mostly intact, but allows it to be a part of something greater, organized and beautiful. Not left on a bank of a river or on a side of a road. Not being pulverized into dust just to fit the mold.

Humans, rocks, being true to them self and their nature. Being used for their fullest potential with the sense of purpose.
I firmly believe that is the only way forward. The only way the allows us to keep our humanity and to keep growing in every aspect!

Also ~ This is me around the time of the epiphany ;)

Please, share your views on education and the present social structure. I'd love me some informative and/or constructive feedback.

Changing Education Paradigms

Dootzkie Friday, May 13, 2011
Due to some issue with blogspot, this post was lost so I have posted it again.

This amazing animation delves deep into the issue of education from grade school to university, how is educational system influencing us and what is this education doing to us and our ability to give back to the world.

To cut the long story short here is the video. Enjoy.

Over the weekend I will give more time and thought to the issues of three possible ways we can educate our self and the upcoming students and how we are ignoring the best way.

Clarification and the second guiding thought

Dootzkie Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Clarifications first.

The puctures of the bridge are there partly as the orginal content picture monday theme and as well as an announcement for the great text that is coming this weekend regarding bricks and stones.

Moonlight clarification. I knew this in theory as did anyone who's been to school, but when you look at the Moon and see it shine on you, you still call it moonlight and you are not fully aware at every moment that it's actually the light of the Sun that reflects off the Moon. Understanding this and always being aware of it by correcting the thoughts and the expresions is a part of neuro-linguistic decoding I am always doing with my self. Removing the illusions, one at a time.

Now the theme that is for this day - quotes!

Today I bring you the second part of three of the quotes that I lead my life by. First one was "First decide who you would be. Then do what you must do"

Second one is ~ A brave man may fall, but he cannot yield

If you decided who you would be, what you would be, you feel that it's something you must do then you cannot yield on that path. You may stumble but you will rise. Giving up is not an option since you made a decision and now you are doing what ever you must, to what ever end.

For me, I feel as if I am an arrow that has it's path decided and that the arrow that is me is pointless if it doesn't hit the target.

Next time, we will see how you make the decision that defines you ;)


Dootzkie Tuesday, May 10, 2011
There is non!

Yes, you heard me! There is no moonlight! Only rays of light coming from the Sun that are reflected off the Moon and towards Earth!

Mind: Blown!

Also, the pics bellow are actually pics of the same bridge AND the point of which one you like more isn't estetic but metaphorical, but that will be revealed later on!


Education in two variations


Here is a beautiful picture of the second most beautiful sight in Mostar. First one would be my girlfriend, of course.

For those that don't know, two decades ago people of the Balkans, blinded by the corrupt leaders, couldn't decide which God of the present had a bigger penis and in the turmoil the Old Bridge of Mostar was destroyed.
Years after it was rebuilt and this is how it looks now

Here is another picture

Now, what does this have with education, you ask! It's simple... In the picture you got three important things. The pile of rocks in the bottom left corner, the Helebija and Tara towers that are still as they were centuries ago and the bridge that has been made recently.

Here, I saw, in this sight a clear path for the future of education and therefor the future of out civilization. I saw this the first time when I was sunbathing under the bridge over a year ago and I put that into a paper for my sociology class called "Stones and bricks; Summerhill and Brave New World".

I will translate this paper and shorten it or release it in bits during the upcoming period.
Until now, I consider the picture delivered and the random post that should be posted today done in this announcement.

Enjoy the picture and think which do you like the most? Uniformed bricks of the bridge, pile of rocks on the bank of Neretva river or the original towers ;)

Soul match.

Dootzkie Saturday, May 7, 2011
Today I should post a nice bite size thought, but since I just got home [14:00] and will depart soon, that won't happen. Stuff do to in the morning, debating tournament afterwards. Debate will be held tomorrow as well, so if I am not around, I do appologize, dear readers. Hope this won't be an issue for you [I know you all just wait for posts :P ] and that you will be able to survive without me and continue doing your thing.

With that small diclaimer out of the way, I can share with you what's on my mind at this moment. On my mind is a person very dear to me who I love oh sooo much. She writes really great poems and texts and today's poem had a picture of a bloodsoaked knight [she knows that I am far from the idea of a White Knight] with the text next to it ~ Without gripping the sword, I cannot protect you. While gripping the sword I can not embrace you.

This is how I feel and she knows it. The deepest corners of my being are not unknown to her.

As you can see dear reader, not so deep, but in a rush that is this crazy day I would flooded with emotions and I wanted to share.

See you all on Monday [maybe even Sunday evening]

Inspirational Quotes

Dootzkie Wednesday, May 4, 2011
I am fully aware of the fact that these have been done over and over again, but I will my unique Dootzkie charm to these posts ;)
The quotations I will post here will be proverbs, sayings, maxims, or just parts of songs or books or movies I like. I firmly believe that one of the best ways to grade a book is to see if you are able to pick up a phrase that will become a part of your vocabulary and you yourself over time. This also goes for the movies and songs.

Today I shall share with you part one of the three quotes that I lead my life by. They are much more potent if they are together, but for the sake of allowing them to sing in with you I will reveal them one by one. Also, first two may have different versions in English because I am giving, what I think is a good translation from Latin.

First decide who you would be. Then do what you must do!
~Marcus Aurelius

For me, this quote represents the pre requirement for machiavellism. You need to have the picture of you self and the world you create around your self in the future so clear that you can cut your self on that sight. Once you have made that decision, stick to it and do what must be done for that goal to be achieved.

The decision part is the hard one! Once you go over that, the act of doing is only a way, means, to materialize the decision and thus is not desirable to have second guesses then.

Tell me, do you have any quotes or what not that you lead your life by. What are they.
And what do you think this quote could mean to you.

A day reserved for randomness!

Dootzkie Tuesday, May 3, 2011
This day will be, from now on reserved for randomness. Mostly because I have a special ritual for this day that makes me feel all fuzzy inside so I wouldn't be able to provide the proper texts or not so sane pictures, music nor videos. Instead I would be posting stuff like this

You see... Your brain has melted because of the cuteness of that little bugger there. Now that you got your mental ability up and running... But just look at him... He is so adorable! Little phat paws and that look....

NO! I shall look down and continue with the post and so should you!

To be brief, here is something funny I found! Enjoy and if you know who did this and if there is more, please leave a comment saying so!



Picture that makes you got "Wat?"

Dootzkie Monday, May 2, 2011
Well, either "Wat?!" or make you run away. This one will be mine and I think you cannot understand how disturbed I was when I saw that for the first time.

I know I said there will be pictures from my last trip, but since I have around 700 pictures in my mobile it was kinda expected that I will derail the course of appearance of the fore mentioned pictures.

So you are chilling, talking with new people and with a corner of your eye you notice something and then you see this!

Hope you liked the Picture Monday.
There are much more pictures to come ;)



Money in circulation

Dootzkie Saturday, April 30, 2011
While trying to explain the modern banking and economical situation of the world, an interesting joke spawned and it goes like this

Richard and John [utterly random names] are walking down the road when they come to a steaming pile of poo right in from of them. Someone took a good dump. Anyway, Dick suggests to John to eat it and as a stimulation offers 5000euros if he does that. John is now troubled, but 5k is 5k and so he gets on his knees and munches that shit at hand. Dick gives him 5k for completing the task and they continue down the road.
Now, John is pissed cause he was the one eating human extruments and Dick kinda wishes his cash back and wonders if John would have done it for less.
Not long after that, they come to another fine piece of poo. John wants dick to feel the scat in his mouth and Dick wants his money back. The stage is set, then. And so, John offers to Dick that if he eats that nice pile, he will give him 5000 euros. Dick does want his money back and accepts the deal and gets munching away. Sure enough, John respects the deal and gives him the promised 5k cash.
They continue walking and Dick, with a new found taste in his mouth, starts to ponder about what has happened and comments that neither of them made any profit.
To this John replies ~ Well, the important thing is that money is circulating.

I guess, in the end, when everything has been said and done we all take and eat shit not knowing why and carry on with a bad taste in our mouth. Why is that, that's for another piece of the Bite Size Thought ;)


And Fiona, I'm waaatching you.

Dootzkie Thursday, April 28, 2011
A while pack I brought to you the great Panda Cheese ads.

Today, we got another bear, and this one is creepy as well. The Willem Defoe and his serial killer voice don't help either.


And another one :D


Universal matter memory

Dootzkie Monday, April 25, 2011
I found some spare time to finish of writing the second part of the Design series in which we will talk about the idea that matter has universal memory which it shares and adapts to the situations making the Design the intricate part of matter it self.

This idea has been, in my opinion, abused by the homeopatic institutions of the world. So much so that they are now even a regular part of the medical centers in the UK.

But to get back at the memory in the matter. This idea would suggest that the Deux ex machina for our universe is the matter it self. Matter that is molded by it self. A Designed Designer designing Designer through Design... And yes, it could go on like this forever.

But if it's so, why is this happening? Why is matter using it memory and adapting when needed to fill out this universe in a way it did.
My idea and an answer to this question is very simple. That is that EVERY point of existance and non-existance is seeking to perfect it self in an never ending pursuit of unachievable final point. This brings the idea that dynamic nature is the true nature of things.

But what is "perfecting". Achieving Good, rather then Bad? Comming into union with every other point of existance or non-existance? Going into this would consume my whole blog, because this is a place where the logic stops and the speculations and faith begin.

As for my self, I believe that there is no good or bad [only thinking makes it so] thus giving us the idea that we cannot know a curtain path towards perfection leaving us to go about, trying everything we can until we find a new point that suits us and use it as a starting point for new explorations.

Viva la dynamic nature!


Dootzkie Sunday, April 24, 2011
While I don't celebrate this day as a member of any faith, I do like the tradition that is kept in my family with the eggs and the colours and the family gathering for a meal.
With this and some other stuff, I was distracted so I will offer this little picture that some of you probably did see, but non the less, I like the cheerful spirit of it.


Creep, funny and a piece of my childhood

Hello, dear readers. Lately I have been going a bit too much into either nonsense songs or into metaphysical ideas behind some topics.
Because of this, I bring you this great light-hearted posts containing something you didn't see in a while here, YouTube posts!

I found this short vid to be rather funny yet disturbing. I am unsure why. I think I never had such raw sense of humor that just a look could entice laughter from me, but this one is just so creepy that you cannot not laugh.

I never liked this cowards version of rugby and like most sports from USA, I dislike the static nature of it. Most of the game is spent standing and chewing gum, just like in baseball or other silly sports from the States. Also, this is not football, it's egghand at best!

I couldn't find the version I watched and I don't have the time to see if this one is good now, but you get it. The grand finale of on of the greats of Cartoon Network, while it was good. This, combined with Animaniacs, Johnny Bravo, Dexters Lab, I am Weasel, Cow and Chicken, The Grim advantures of Billy and Mandy or Evil Conwhatshisname were the cartoons i grew up on. Not this Ben10 Bakugan BS they serve kids today.

Anyway, ignore my rant and enjoy the last show before exiting the sceen of Ed Edd and Eddy!

And enjoy this lightheatered post. Tomorrow we continue with the deep stuff :D



Dootzkie Thursday, April 21, 2011
As the first section of the idea with a Designer that doesn't have to obey the laws of physics, I will look at alchemist - the master of transmutation. Why have I included them here? The answer is simple. The philosophy of equivalent exchange is not based on the rational, scientific law that you cannot create nor destroy matter or energy, but it is based on the fact that to gain something, something of equal value must be lost.
And value is a parameter much closer to the world of Ideas rather then to the world of Matter.

From this you can deduce that in the process of transmutation, an alchemist could bend the equasion of the world of Matter to the will of his ideas, of the value design in his mind. In such a manner, if someone was ready to sacrifice something that was to him worth a whole universe, then he could create it from his own mind. Thus he could be the Designer of the world we exist in today.

Alchemist did have one flaw, and that is that they based their ideas on a value system from which their arts sprouted from, thus they became trapped by it and went on an an endless journey of achieving the Great Works, amongst which is the Philosopher stone that would remove the rule of equivalent exchange and their own value system from the equasion. This would allow them to create and destroy matter, life, energy with a mere thought. That really does sound like they have achieved divinity and that they could be a new and fresh, unbound Designer.

And if you think, alchemy is dead, you are very mistaken, my dear friend. Since it represent the thought of two system of measure, the Idea and the Matter value, crossing each others path, while there are humans as we know them today, theoretical alchemy will exist.

I know that the think steel ring I have on my left little finger doesn't seem like it could be worth much to you nor to someone who sees it like a piece of metal, but for me that is one of the most valuable objects in the world.

To finish this post, I give you the quote from one of my favorite movies, TDK.

Alfred: With respect, Master Wayne, perhaps this is a man that you don't fully understand either. A long time ago, I was in Burma. My friends and I were working for the local government. They were trying to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders by bribing them with precious stones. But their caravans were being raided in a forest north of Rangoon by a bandit. So we went looking for the stones. But in six months, we never met anyone who had traded with him. One day I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine. The bandit had been throwing the stones away.

Endless greatness!

Dootzkie Wednesday, April 20, 2011
I am sure most of you know of this but I just wanted to share to be sure you don't miss it! Tonight I will do a marathon on this. Results incoming!

Also, how can someone "endure" this? You endure bad things, hard things. This is just insanelly good!


Intelligent Design

Due to the nature of some of my posts and the fact that people I know in real life do read this, a few topics did sprout from this situation. One of them was the idea of the Intelligent Design and if there is a design must there be a Designer?

First off I examined the phrase - Intelligent Design and the futility of adding the word "intelligent" to something that we can only attribute to some form of cognitive intelligence - the design process.
Now, getting back at "design". To this I shall refer as a plan, a blueprint for a system or just one object. We see this on the basic level all around us. The keyboard I am writing on and the monitor you are reading this from have all been designed by someone. Going on a larger [and nerdier] scale we can look at Xel'Naga as designers and molders of races and planets.

With all this said, it's obvious that Designers are those that bridged the gap between the world of Ideas and the world of Matter. The only difference it seems is the idea that designers can only mold what they have while the Designer can materialize the Idea into Matter.

So, with that defined, let's see if it's acceptable for us to believe that it is possible to bridge this gap between worlds in such a manner over the course of the next few posts.

I will explore more of this subject over the ideas of alchemy, universal matter memory and ultimately, the Grand non designed Designer.

Stick around ;)

Nonsese, reality, implications and hiatus announced

Dootzkie Saturday, April 9, 2011
I think I didn't pose the question I wanted in the right manner regarding the last post [Inception] so I will rephrase it as such.

"If that what I have experienced was real, what are the implications of that?"
What are the implications of dreaming about the future and future coming to life in fron of your eyes, unchanged, just as you foresaw it?

Now for the important part of the post - Hiatu!
As some of my readers know, I am involved in a long distance relationship for more then a year now. How I feel for her, you ask?

Well, I shall presume most of you read "the Feast (or about Love)" by Plato and that you know what androgynous beings are.

For those that don't, they were powerful and beautiful ball like creatures consistent of a male and a female entity. As they were consumed by vanity, Zeus decided to split them in two. This is one of the myths in Greek mythology that explains the creation of a men and women. They say that every "ball", after being split was deep in despair and that one half always seeks the other.

I feel like she is my other half and I know that only beside her I feel the true sensasion of living.

To prevent other outpores of emotions, I'll get back to the subject.
So, hiatus!?!
I will be departing from my city in 12 hours from now and will be at her town from 10th of April onwards for at least a week. In the meantime I'll also have to be a judge at a debating competition that will be held in her town during my stay so my net access will be limited.

This means that the post here will be scheduled and will contain the mandatory daily nonsense song, addendum post regarding theism and Philosophy by Music series started.

I hope you will all stick around and continue doing your thing.

As for the nonsense, here is a healthy dose of it:

There was an Old Person of Anerley
Whose conduct was strange and unmannerly;
He rushed down the Strand
With pigs in each hand,
But returned in the evening to Anerley.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-To remind you, I need comments about the implications if what I experienced was real :D
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Dootzkie Friday, April 8, 2011
It's not about the movie, but the dreams that let you see the future or the present that we think we dreamed once about.

Imagine that you do something on a weekly basis. Imagine that you have certain things connected to that habit that usually stay the same. Now, dream about that during that weekly habit a few parameters [lets say four] are very different and have never happen before so they are very unexpected. And in this posible but unlikely situation in the dream you halt and say you dreamed about that and then wake up.
Months pass and you forget about it, only sometimes refreshing that picture when you meditate about your dreams.
Then, find you self in that same situation, recognize it, say the line you said in the dream about seeing this in a dream [something like - I dreamed about this moment] and understand that you fulfulled the moment from the dream by saying that.

So basically, you dream about a moment and say in the dream that you dreamed about it. Then when that moment happens you start to recognize it and say the same line from your dream.

This happened to me a few days ago and since then I am restless.
Do share your opinions on this subject because my mind is full of billions and billions of fuck...


Dootzkie Thursday, April 7, 2011
Hope ya enjoyed the first post about monkey experiments.
We are talking about primates, but I like the word monkeys more so I'll continue using it.

Now, I'm going to deliver the second one that one could consider as disturbing as the first one, but it's much more important then the status quo maintaining one.

Scientist have noticed that groups of monkeys, chimps in this case, almost never exceed fifty members. They also noticed that this patter on the limit of the size of the group appears in most of the other members of the monkeykind. One group of slightly sadistic scientists decided to test the relation of the size of the brain to the size of the group.
After a few dozen lobotomies they could see that monkeys would separate into smaller groups, and thus they concluded that the size of the brain does determine the size of the group of people you can socialize with properly. They named that group - The Monkeysphere.

Monkeysphere exists with humans and is thought to be limited that 150 people, on average. Does this mean you cannot name or know more then 150 people. Surelly not!

But can you tell me something more about that one person you waited with before the exam, or your neighbor, other then their name, sex, race and other generic info? For you, the cop that directs trafic, the woman in the grocey store or you teachers exist, but they are two dimensional beings. You are aware of them as you are aware of the birds and trees.

The people in the monkeysphere are 3D in your own eyes. They have hopes, fears and dreams, they have a familiy and geneology. You know them more personally and you know more of them rather then just generic things that are normal to share with almost anyone. These are all the things we are usually not aware of.
This always reminds me for a scene from "Reservoir dogs" where upon being asked if he killed any people Mr. NotSureWhatColour replies "No people, just two cops"

Plato had a father, Shakespear was in someones English class, Adriana Lima goes to the bathroom and the faceless companies couldn't function without the people that are working in them.

Expand your monkeysphere if you got spare room and always be aware that we are all human beings!

Be well

And suddenly, monkeys everywhere.

Dootzkie Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Philosophy through music will be reserved to be released from Sunday onwards because then is when I will be out of town. So before that, I will share some info with you about two monkey experiments.


This will be the part one of two part post about monkeys. This one will be dedicated to a cage, a banana, some electricity and three groups of monkeys. Actually they are apes, but monkey sounds much better.

Once upon a time there was this cage and the first group of monkeys and a banana on the top of the stairs in the cage. What our little monkeys are about to find out is that when ever a monkey gets up and takes a banana from the top of the cage the rest that are one the lower levels get electrocuted. And we all know monkeys don't want to be electrocuted. Ofcourse, after a while they understood a patter and developed a new social behaviour that was there to protect the group. Who ever tried to go to the banana was attacked and killed. No one was to even approach the stairs. After a while, when enough monkeys were killed, the first group of monkeys settled down and no one even tried to get up there. All was well.

Touch me! I know you want to.

And for a time, it was good. But then the malicious scientists introduced a new group of monkeys to this first one. New, young monkeys that were let into the cage. The young monkeys had to learn fast how did the first group function for they wanted to be integrated. Everything was as they expected except that everyone would go berzerk and into a killing frenzy when a new monkey would try to answer to call of the curved yellow goodness that stood atop the stairs in the cage. After a while, the new monkeys learned not to go to that section of the cage and everything was well. As with every great story, as soon as things get calmer, you need to shake the pot again. That is exactly what scientists did. But this time ther removed the first group from the cage. The group that knew why was it killing it's members if they gave out a sign that they might go up the stairs. Only then they introduced a new group of apes into the cage.

What do you think happened?

Simple - the second group of monkeys maintained the status quo of killing monkeys even when they didn't know why they should do that. The scientists turn off the electicity and monkeys still persisted in their behaviour...

Status quo needed to be maintained no matter what, and those that questioned why were killed on the spot.
Are we still talking about monkeys in a cage?

Cogito et Credo

Dootzkie Monday, April 4, 2011
ut intelligam
ut agaim
ut vivam

I believe
so I can understand
so I can act [do]
so I can live

This is my creed. This is how I see the world. I cannot know anything apart that my conscious exists thus in everything else I believe. I have faith that I am here, that this is at least one plane of reality that I must explore. Because of this faith in this reality I am able to understand it's inner workings a little better, I am able to act in it, to live in it. If it's real, of course. Never stop doubting ;)

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - Shakespear

I see this as one of the truths that I believe in the most. Good or bad for me don't exist. The polarity I rely on is dynamic and static. I believe that everything is dynamic and that things can be static, but not permanently, thus being dynamic at some point as well.
This removes a possibility of a Motionless Impulse giver. Of a static figure, visage that starts everything else and from this we can understand that One ultimate God isn't allowed in my set of beliefs. Higher beings are possible and I even believe they exist. Heck, I believe that humans were and will be on some higher plane of existence.

So, if I doubt everything, never sure of what I do is real and if I don't believe in Good, Bad and the Ugly nor in one ultimate being, what keeps me going. Why I am such a optimist about everything?

Because that is how I feel. And when the Sun of knowledge goes down, the Moon of feelings arises. I feel fulfilled, satisfied, purposeful when I am dynamic. When I help and when I judge! This feeling might not seem logical for all of you, but for me it is a part of my being, of my consciousness.

This reminds me - With my views explained on the basis of knowledge and the correlation of faith and fact, I need to write about one more duality that is, or should be as equally symbiotic: Reason and Feeling.


Prevention of mental decay

To prevent the mental decay that is sure to follow from the previous post I must point you out toward the sharpest soft toung I have ever heard. I believe that most of you have heard of him, mostly over the Zeitgeist movie series

Enjoy, listen and think!

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