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Dootzkie Saturday, July 30, 2011
As one of my passions, psychology, enticed me to follow it down the rabit whole, at the other side of the earth, I fell in the the land of neuro linguistic programming and found my self very welcomed there. I also "stayed" there for quite a while, not leaving it where ever I went in this world, always testing and extrapolating algorythms of behaviour and the inner workings of mine and the mind of others.

Partially, this is why I abandoned this fine blog I have here. What snapped me back into "reality" is that soon I'll be going to the seaside and that even sooner I should start hitting the books for the univeristy. But all that, at least on here can wait for from this post onwards I will share some great things I have found and some even greater things I have managed to merge with my old storage of information and this new input.

As for now I will only provide you with a small pointer which is - If you want to get your self into this [and I know you will after some posts of mine], start with reading Richard Bandlers "Using your brain for a change". It's just enought to be basic and stimulating. As we continue going down this rabbit hole I will provide more references to texts or experts. I expect you to do the same via comments.

Be well!

Piece of paper.

Dootzkie Thursday, July 7, 2011
In my last post I mentioned that I was in Budapest for a debating competition. And that the competition was held at CEU. I must say that this is the first time I have been to a - as people call it - graduation university. An university that you join only for one last year or for masters. Oh and for PhD. Apart from the last reason I kinda do find it silly that you would firstly, get the paper of that institution that you finished it when you spend most of your time somewhere else and got used to that way of doing things and secondly, that now there are many "universities" that are only there to provide the finishing year or masters.

Because, think about it, you did something for three to four years at your first university and you will bring most of the habits into your future with you. Once you switch to the graduation/master university it's seems more like a checkup on the topic can your methods you learned and that are now a part of you produce results in some other system which is in power in places that you might want to get a job later. They are not proper educational institutions. They are just providers of a piece of paper that tells others you are just another product of a random educational system that can hit into a mold that is expected to produce needed results.

And I say, to hell with it! Gamble a little and have people from many places doing the same thing. Two plus two will equal four everywhere, but the way you get the result may not. Someone will see two of the same number and will multiply, someone will see two of the same numbers multiplied and will square one number. Some will see two and two sheep and some will see two and two rockets. The results will be the same but changing, or more so, enriching the views might sprout new solutions!

With this little rant over I'd like to say that in the future I will have to use you all as lab rats, if you wish to respond via comments, that is. I started learning about submodalities and NLP so while I will be testing it with the people I know IRL, a more global response would be nice.

Be well

Thoughts on Budapest

Dootzkie Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I have just returned from the debating tournament held at Central European University in Budapest and I'd like to share some impressions with my dear readers.

~The city feel.
I like the vibe of the city very much so. I thought it has more people living in it then my beloved Belgrade, but they are of the same size. While Budapest has been affected by the socialistic architecture, it's a lot less noticeable then in Belgrade and with so much great both new and old buildings I felt like Belgrade and Paris clashed and gave birth to Budapest. I have added it to the list of cities I need to know as back of my own palm, so I do plan to go there again... And again.

~The motivation.
For sure won't be the Hungarian girls. After three days and a visit to 400, Szimpla Kert, Corvinus and a few places at Franz List square [I think I only spelled 400 correctly] I have concluded that "you're face isn't so asymmetrical" is the pinnacle a compliment you can give to a Hungarian chick.
Food could be one of the motivators to return there. I had a religious experience with a sour cherry strudel cover in chili chocolate.
A sure motivator will be the spa centers! Ten euros for a whole day access to a place with great warm pools, saunas, cold barrels, Turkish baths might seem cheap, but you will have to leave after a few hours anyway cause the water saps your energy so fast. I have heard that when the weather is better one of the spa centers makes a party at nighttime with rather good cocktails.

~The political issues.
Since I was in Budapest during the Jobbik rally I would like to say a few things on the political climate there. When the Jobbik came to the public view as the VERY radical nationalistic and racist group the other right wing parties such as Fidesz seems mild and a good choice. Now they are in power and Moscow square and any other signs of social remnants are being removed and are replaced with proper Hungarian names. In a few days, Hungary will step down from the position of "leading" the EU in favor of Poland and people that live there tell me that then they do expect an outburst of nationalism.

For those that weren't there, I recommend you go there and enjoy this great city with your own senses.

As a note, GO Djokovic GO!

Be well
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