To Know - Gnostics

Dootzkie Thursday, March 31, 2011
While I did already define their counterparts, I will try to explain what being a gnostic means without using the "opposite of agnostic" argument. Also, before I start, a small disclaimer - being a gnostic doesn't mean being religious!

~Core belief: To Know is not only possible but achievable or already achieved! From this possible pool of knowledge self awareness is removed, at least while I am writing about it simply because we logically determined that that is something that everyone can know and be aware of.
~What a gnostic should believe in: Faith is of less importance to him then to an agnostic.
Now you are thinking "WTF am I talking about?!" but think about it. Gnostic knows somethings is there. As knowledge is to be consciously aware of a fact with ultimate certainty.. gnostic doesn't need to believe in anything that he knows is true. Only thing that he can believe in is the interpretation of that knowledge. Otherwise, that ultimate knowledge is either ultimate and not dependent on faith or it's not ultimate and therefor not knowledge but an assumption.
~What's the issue then with gnostics? - aka Why do people think that agnosticism gives them some moral high ground?

Now this is where the fun actually starts! The issue many have with gnostics today can be represented not with what they believe in, but what they exclude as a possibility, apart from the idea their system is flawed.

This problem has nothing to do with To Know process, people! This problem is connected to bipolar process of thought trapped in a world of an idea that only one answer is correct.
In practice this means that people mostly look for an answer to something in a predetermined patter of option A or option B. And since there can be only one right answer that means that A is aB and B is aA (theists and atheist, gnostic and agnostic). So much are people trapped in this that today it's not possible to provide an alternative for then both sides will think you exclude their options and you will find your self under the attack from both A and B.

Agnostics exclude the possibility that anything is right, gnostics that nothing is right, atheists exclude the idea that there is a higher power, theists exclude the idea of an universe without a higher power - all fine and dandy.

All the problem arise when then want to exclude, cancel and delete others and this problem is derived from the bipolar way of thinking and the unilateral logic.

Think about it! Think what you have done and learn from it! Think what you will do and prepare for it!

Where do we go from here?

Dootzkie Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Soon I will wrap up the To Know series and we will start a new one that will be of great personal value to me. Lots of positive energy, philosophy and music.

Also, from now one this will be the way things will work on this blog. I will start a series of connected posts sometimes interupted by a great animation, clip or music I came across or just wanted to share. This way the rounding up of a subject will be possible without too much going about. This is also a small preparation for introducing a bar on the side that will show the series that was talked about and the posts that belong to it.

I believe that this will make this blog much more user friendly and will enable fresh readers so look up topics that they might be interested as a whole. Featured content so far only contains four links, but I will increase that over time, mostly to keep some great texts alive and not to fall into oblivion.

For now, planned series of posts will be about the philosophy through music, about the sources of information and on a look at the modern setup of relations between humans such as family, friends, relationship which will lead to another series of posts about social and psychological dynamics related to the mating game.

Be well

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

The title says it all!

I just love watching this "trailer" again and again and again aaaand again and again n'again and again!

And Again :D

To Know - Agnostics

Dootzkie Tuesday, March 29, 2011 , , , ,
We have determined the basic nature of proper knowledge and how it's different from most of the facts we take for granted. The next step is to see what those that believe in the possibility or the impossibility of knowledge have to say, what they should actually believe in and how they actually act in reality.

~Core belief: To Know is impossible
This core belief was manifested in the famous quote by Socrates - This man, on one hand, believes that he knows something, while not knowing [anything]. On the other hand, I - equally ignorant - do not believe [that I know anything]. Or its shorter version "I know that I know nothing".
This approach to reality allows you to say that nothing is sure and from there that existence of anyone, anything cannot be proved nor can it be disproved. This path of thought led me down to the idea that faith is what keeps the world together. Not the faith in a higher being, for me that idea is unacceptable, but the faith, the belief that I am here now, that this is at least one section of reality, that you, my dear reader are also real.
~ What an agnostic should believe in: Everything except himself
Why is this so. In the previous post from this series we determined that existence of conscious self can be known and that other things may or may not be real in a sense that out consciousness is real. This is why an agnostic should leave all his options open and believe, not know that everything around him is real or unreal and act accordingly.
~How they actually act: Falsely to how they represent and see them self
When talking to most people that proclaim them self as Agnostics, you need to work hard to remind that what that actually means and that they cannot tell you that they know a bunch of stuff that you are clueless about using that self proclaimed title as a posh moral high ground.

If you got something to add, please do via comments!
Gnostics will be published soon.

A bit of sexism never hurt anyone.

I found this and managed to survive the laughing  madness that ensued! I always loved Monty Python, Black Adder, Mister Been, A bit of Fry and Laurie, The fast show, Catherine Tate and when it comes to new generations of British humor I found Almighty Boosh very funny as well as the Office.

The way they create unpleasant situations, the awkward silence, the to-hell-with-political-correctness attitude and the fine accents always did make me laugh till I drop off of the piece of furniture I am sitting on.

Now I found these few clips and a whole new show and persona to watch.

I hope you will all like it

And a bit of a modern outlook at a similar situation.

Now, run off in disgust and wait for a new post where we continue to explore the action of To Know

To know or to believe

Dootzkie Monday, March 28, 2011
From theists and atheists and their malevolent companions we came to the question what can you know and what can you not ever know. What γνῶσις you can posses and if you can posses any for that matter.

But, before we embark on the path of explaining the idea and the reality of both agnostics and gnostics, we need to look at knowledge first. The act of knowing. And it's factual manifestation of the act of believing.

What do you actually know? And what do you just believe in so much that it became a fact for you?

To know something means that you are consciously aware of a fact with ultimate certainty. This doesn't mean you accepted one form of reality that was present to you or that you adopted some form of belief.

...consciously aware of a fact with ultimate certainty...

This leads down an spiral of insanity where all these nice walls you have build during your life may or may not be so. Because, ultimate certainty is above even doubting for there is no point to start the doubt process from. Certainty is everywhere, omnipresent, ultimate and leaves no gaps for anything else.

This did lead one great philosopher down the rabbit whole out of which the famous "Cogito, ergo sum" emerged. The act of doubting is the act of conscious mind and therefor the conscious mind of Descartes existed in that moment of time. By this, the physical or physiological form of the conscious mind wasn't recognized as a fact.
On that, I would like to add the idea that if you achieve ultimate consciousness of your own mind and then recognize something outside of your consciousness, that is a definitive proof that there is at least one more consciousness out side of yours.

To quote the Weasel "...Every human being relies on and is bounded by his knowledge and experience to live. This is what we call "reality". However, knowledge and experience are ambiguous, thus reality can become illusion. Is it not possible to think that, all human beings are living in their assumptions?"

You accepted your reality, you believe it is real. A scientist believes the object of his observation is real as much as a theists believe that God is real.

But to return to the knowledge. With the REAL meaning of the world knowledge explained, we can move on to describe the groups that believe that To Know is possible or impossible.

Coming soon to a blog near you ;)


Dootzkie Sunday, March 27, 2011
This word of blessing derived from Hebrew and has found it place in islamic and arabic culture as well. Now, it's even used in French sleng. Baraka is one of the highest blessings you can hear someone say to you.

Baraka contains no plot, no storyline, no actor, no dialogues nor any Voice-over. Instead of a story or plot, the film uses themes to present new perspectives and evoke emotion purely through cinema. Baraka is a kaleidoscopic, global compilation of both natural events and by fate, life and activities of man on the planet Earth.

Be sure you watch it in HD, that it's dark so there is no glare on the monitor and that the sound is nearing maximum. A tear will be shed for sure


Work in progress!

Dootzkie Saturday, March 26, 2011
I have found a functional and useful template that I will be bending to my will over the course of a few days.

Since I am someone who had an encounter with coding in highschool while doing Pascal, some stuff will take some time for me to arrange it, but the posts and everything else you might need is there :D

Thank you for your patience and your support and I hope you like the new look.


Atheists and anti-theists

We are back on subject today, mostly because I need to find a nice template first before remodeling everything here.
Theists and fake theists are covered. It's obvious that theists are great and that you wouldn't have an issue with them if you are sane, but that they are so rare that they might soon become a myth.

In the atheist corner we got a similar division, atheists and anti-theists. One group is sane, tolerant and kind towards their opposite polarity, while the other, very similar to fake theists is hardly bearable even for those that would agree with them. So, lets get cracking!

~Atheists differ from theists only in the way that they don't believe in a higher power of any form and because of that often don't follow strict dogmas. They can still be spiritual and can follow some teachings, but still without the need to have a higher being that is going toreward them or punish them for their acts. They don't care if you are a theists or an atheist because they don't have to present their stance as the only right one. Like proper theists, they enjoy their view of the world and also let others develope their own separate views. Speciments of this group, while rare, can be encountered.
For me, talking with a proper atheist that spends his/hers fare share of time pondering about the nature of the universe is always a time well spent.

~Anti-theists on the other hand are a group that defines them self more on what they are against then what they are for. This is why they won't be able to explain to you what they are for but will jump on the subject on how silly it is to believe in a higher being. They are the modern inquisition that uses scientific "facts" as their weapons that, in my opinion, dishonors the greatness of science. Members of this group are the same as fake theist in everything but name and idea of a higher power.
I have always thought that people that define them self or their purpose via the idea of being against something rather then for something detend more on the institutions they oppose then those that arein those institutions. This is why they need their "enemy" and this is why they arm them self with "facts" that they build up like a tower on the sand.

Perfect example for this would be Richard Dawkins.
When you see him in a debate with fellow scientists or when he is talking for a show or a documentary, he is polite, mannered and has a great way of using beautiful metaphors to explain very important issues that influence us all.
On the other hand, when talking with... Well actually, against the members of any thing that isn't backed by facts, he desides to abandon his dignity and the sharpness of mind and starts tossing spageti all over the place. Ok... We get it... Now stop that childish behaviour, you bloody genius!

Also, judging by the comments, I think I will need to cover the ideas of gnosticism and agnosticism as well as my favorite starting point for almost any chat/talk - ignosticism.

Hope you enjoyed this so far.

Be well

Twitter, second go at remodeling and Soviet Russia

Dootzkie Friday, March 25, 2011
It's kinda late so I will postpone the second part of the (a)theist series. Wait for it, it will be worth it!

In the mean time, I have made a twitter account that you can follow HERE. Don't be surprized if you witness some outbursts of, how my mate calls them, mental farts.

Also, I plan to tinker with the templates for the blog since I saw some that really do look good so Imma steal their layouts.

As for the Soviet Russia, I see you liked the previous post and specially one comment, so in relation to the topic that these two post interupted here is another funny one - In Soviet Russia, God creates you ;)

Oh, the implications!

Be well, comrades!


Before I continue the posts about anti-theists and atheist I wanted to share with you this great video that my best mate showed me last night.


Red dawn awaits!


Dootzkie Thursday, March 24, 2011
In an interview in the 80s, Jacque Fresco was asked what does he think about Christianity. His reply was as brilliant as it was elegant - I think it's a great idea. When will people start applying it?

I share this view and I think it applies on every major religion of system of belief in the world. Great on paper, kinda not so by the Book in the real world...

On the basis if this, we will separate theists into two groups - theists and fake theists. I will also evade the idea of including another group of theists that one might call pure or basic theists. These would include people that believe that there is a higher power, a god of some sort but didn't need the institutions or books to follow Its' great work. Amongst these people are Newton, Darwin, Einstein and others. They believe in a higher power, personalized it and didn't care about the silly institutions or customs.

Theists - I shall define them as those that believe in a higher power, higher reason of what ever form and that do follow a holy book or holy institution as they should. This means that if they follow soteristic religions such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, they shouldn't even ponder about raising their hand to harm someone else. They shouldn't lie, steal, kill, crave or what ever that religion stands for. Judaism is a bit conflictive here, but I leave it to the reader to learn why. Hint: God asks for no mercy many times over in the Old Testement.
They are faithful, they want you good and won't care if you pick a different path from theirs.
If anyone spots them anywhere, please report this joyful news!

Fake Theists - Followers of many religions by name and symbols and not much else. These are people that don't understand the true message of their saviours and instead think that they are under the mandate of heaven that allows them to slaughter everyone who doesn't agree with them. Crusades, inquisition, witch hunts, slaughters between Shia and Sunni (see Bahrein today) and all that. Under the flag of their own and only right cause they march everywhere, disregarding the messages of their own prophets and are fuelled by the fear that if there is something else in the world apart from their idea that maybe, just maybe, they aren't right! We know them, we see them, and if we are faithful, we won't admit we are as they are ;)

Atheists and anti-theists are most probably come tomorrow. Until then, let me hear your opinions about these two groups I defined so far.

Takes one to know one

As a member of a debating club of my university, I do come across many interesting topics and information. One of the debates that we had was related to religion and religious leaders and afterward, when the debate was over we chatted about theists, atheists and something I had to include, anti-theists. Spiritual people were kinda left on the side.

This seems like an interesting topic to cover, so I will get right on it when I get a bit of time. Exams are approaching quickly.

Until the three to maybe four post series is over, I'd like to hear from you people, via comments, where do you see your self, and what do you think about this topic.

As a small intro, I shall explain my stand.
For me, everything but two things are based on faith. I believe I am in this body, that I am typing this on a keyboard and that this delicious cake I am eating is actually real. I believe in scientific measures, but I don't believe in limits.
In a world based on faith in your reason and senses, where do you place the core of your faith? And are you aware it's faith, rather then fact?

Awaiting your replies as you await my posts on these funny three groups that do often jump at each others throats.

Be well

Eyes of Men, Eyes of Women.

Dootzkie Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Say you are a man. Go to google or where ever and seek out a nice artistic and sexy picture of a female. Look at her, admire her curves, the smile, the hair and drool a bit if you must. She is perfect in every way, from head to toe, cute cheeks, nice little nose, pinkish lips and other stuff, lovely hips and she farts flower petals.
How did she get to the point of the photoshoot? Well, she just did. She was born and twenty or so years later there she is. When you try to imagine stuff from there, it's kinda hard because you always return to the point of that picture and you need to start over.

Now make a paradigme shift. You are in a state of a female mind, and if you can't really understand it, don't worry, no one does. You are a female and you are looking at a picture of a male model. You can see you self going over his body and from what I have heard women do find it easier to advance from one picture to a series of mental ones with ease. Also, you are aware of all the work that went into him. Diets, sessions in the gym and other workouts, a fresh shave and stuff like that. From the thing he did five years ago to the parfume you imagined he put on seconds before.

For a man observing a woman the "product" that she is now is pure genes and some work.
For a woman, it's the other way around for they are more able to see the transformative potential. I attach that to the miracle of transformation that happens in women.

As the mating game goes this always repeating phenomenon of duality has some interesting effects.

First off, females either have "it" or don't in the eyes of the men. Fake spunk isn't something that can pass with every male that has any traces of self-confidence but still... All this does leave men vunerable to illusions since what she is at that moment must be mostly natural. Our somewhat atavistic bits us on the ass. We seek out appealing shapes and paterns in the body of the opposite sex and sometimes we get enticed with more marketing then true value.
Guys on the other hand shouldn't excel in being OVERLY buffed for that can be an indication of lacking in other areas or possibly of spending too much time for one activity so other ones suffer. Don't be too fancy because you will look like someone who spends hours in front of a mirror. Don't talk too much, but maintain the conversation. Don't be a smartass, but show me you know your way around many fields of mental improvement. Don't lack, don't over do it!

I know... Damn women :D

Bottom line is.

Men seek idols.
Women seek well rounded pack.

For these reasons men have a set list of desired attributes and can be endiced by illusions while women don't actually know exactly what they want. This further on results that females seek out the morphing potential and yet enough stiffness (pun intended) so that she can see if you are in that section of the attributes she wants.

If you lack in some area, show her it's not because you are lazy, but because you exceled in other fields. Demonstrate your true value!
If you, as a girl, lack the ability to be made into an idol, and I am not talking about only physical visage, tough luck. Lower your standards or pray on those not aware of their true value :D

Final note: There are no leagues, but guys be picky, just because you can!

Perfect driving music.

Dootzkie Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Today we start off with some music. This song has been listed in best driving music playlist made by Top Gear. I know I listen to it when ever I go over to meet my significant other. This is why I like this best out of that playlist. It's perfect for traveling when you're in a long distance relationship.

When I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough
She sents her comfort comin' in from above

Till the very next day!

Dootzkie Monday, March 21, 2011
I've been writing quite a bit and it seems that there are no animations to be found on the first page of my blog! THAT WILL NOT DO!

To correct this error, I shall tell you a duck story! Not one, but three!

Watch them in order because some of the ideas do go over to the next episode.
Enjoy! And remember, the ducks are watching you ;)
Hey, got any grapes

<3 Puns

Just as planned ;)

Heyoka Enters World... Casualties Heavy

As promised, the funny text is here. A bit late, but still it arrived.

A few years back I was lucky enough to meet a med student from Boston area online. He was an absolute riot.
After a while we started sharing some projects and one of the stuff he sent me was this text. I am not sure if this is his original IP, but I shall still present this as his own work

Heyoka Enters World... Casualties Heavy

My Fiancee took me outside today, I simply don't know how you cope
with this foreign place. This scary and nightmarish carnival ride. I
suppose my enforced exodus was inevitable, She had been growing
increasingly concerned about my pleasingly pale pallor but I suppose
the proverbial straw that broke the camels back was my planned war
against the surface dwellers. I think she's over reacting, one comment
about "My Precious" and it's suddenly time for fresh air.

I know that many of you are so accustomed to this hell world that you
think noting of opening your doors, It's as if you had been raised in
a Colorado super max… you think that everybody is afraid to pick up
the soap and every home has acoustics perfect for echoing the screams
of snitches off the walls.

I base my loathing of this "Outside" on three basic factors.

1. Sun
2. People
3. Drivers

First lets talk of this Sun you have, this wicked daystar that gazes
down from the heavens like the awakened eye of a wrathful god. How can
people find it so cheerful and inspiring? After all exposure to it
brings about epidermal burning, followed by cancer, and ending with
dehydration and death.

I mean really, the only was that this stellar object could proclaim
it's malevolent nature more forcefully is if it wrapped itself in
barbed wire and spat burning caltrops upon the inhabitants below. Even
then people would no doubt find someway to turn it into an object of
veneration, though perhaps with a greater emphasis on human sacrifice
and less on spring break.

"Hey Steven"
"Ya Gorge?"
"You Know that burning orb in the sky?"
"You mean the one that you cannot look at lest you go blind, nor stand
under lest you burn?"
"Ya that one"
"What about it?"
"I think we should worship it"

I blame the liberal television networks. Children are exposed to
mind-rotting children's programming that imposes a smiley face on this
blazing ball of extraterrestrial evil and convinces us early on that
this is simply a natural universal object rather then a blazing hammer
posed to smite us from existence for the amusement of an elder god
residing in the lightness abyss of the cosmic void.

Of course no matter how hateful the light of day may be, it pales in
comparison to the damaging nature of my fellow man. I'd gladly go
skinny-dipping in a defunct Chernobyl reactor pool then spend a moment
longer then necessary in the teeming masses.

Trying to single down a paltry few factors to list as reasons behind
my hatred is making my ears bleed. I hate them for calling a small
coffee "Grande", for letting their offspring run wild in the shopping
centers, and for thinking that $5.99 is somehow significantly less
then $6.00.

But I suppose my hatred first expressed itself when I was sitting
quite peaceably minding my own business when I overheard the following
statement… "But if it's orange, how will we put the wheels on?"

At first it refused to register, it was a statement so illogical that
it simple refused to compute, it went in circles around my cortex
ratting about and upsetting the crockery, and by the time it had
trickled down to my conscious and I whirled about to ask for an
explanation, whoever had uttered this conversational time bomb had
moved on.

Now it torments me, draining my intellectual processing power like a
spiritual leech, my mind feverishly over clocking trying to find a
context where such a statement could possibly be used. Each failure
causing internal bleeding and a burning hatred of any species that
could utter such a sentence.

One day, years from now my loved ones will be standing around my
deathbed waiting for my last pearl of wisdom and I shall utter unto
them "But if it's orange, how will we put the wheels on?"… My head
will then explode spattering them with blood and less noble fluids… I
take a strange comfort in that.

The last leg of my trifecta of hatred is that in an urban environment
anywhere you want to be is not where you currently are. Thus the need
for a personal vehicle, which wouldn't be so bad if everyone else
didn't feel the need as well. The human race as a whole and the
American subset as a case example has the belief that everyone should
follow the traffic laws scrupulously… other then them.

There is a unique thrill to barrel down the highway with a
tractor-trailer so close to your rear that the respective atoms of
your bumpers begin to share electrons. Blinker use is of course
optional and a red glare in the traffic light is a signal to floor it
and hope for the best.

Many of you no doubt think that my hatred of drivers should be covered
under the section on "people" (and I use the term loosely.) But my
point is that when you wrap an idiot in metric ton of steel and hurdle
them down the highway at something akin to the speed of sound they
become something more then an idiot, they become a super idiot. an
uber fool…. In other words a driver.

They transform into a sum greater then their parts, with a bellow of
"By Our Powers Combined" they join their moron potential together and
form a blazing sword of idiocy with to punish their fellow road
inhabitant. I suppose we should be grateful that they don't briefly
become naked before donning a skintight outfit. One gaze at the obese
contents of a minivan sheathed in gleaming latex would be a fate worse
then enforced attendance at a Uwe Boll film.

And that is why I will not be rejoining the human race in this outer
area you all seem to frequent. I know that my love will be briefly
annoyed to find that some neighbor hood child (now $5 richer) has
super glued our locks, but I can only hope that the slashing of her
tires distracts her from this minor annoyance.

It's war surface dwellers… it's war….


Dootzkie Sunday, March 20, 2011
Natural, supernatural or are we at the quantum leap between those two paradigmes of reality.

A soon to me showen TV show on Discovery called "Stan Lee's Superhumans" motivated me to talk about so called superpowers and where do I see that in relation to us, humans.

But before I start to talk about what radioactive animal you should get a bite from, I need to talk about the "powers" them self. I believe that we will never fly with wings as we are now nor that we, humans will be able to launch laser beams from our eyes. Weather manipulation, evoking earthquakes, death rays or some other high powered abilities have already been developed (thank you Nikola Tesla) but most of them were destroyed so they don't get used by badies. They are still achievalbe with technology.

The powers I am talking about are there for their user without any need of technology or significant changes in how we appear. Levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, manupulation of magnetic field, superspeed, superstrenght, agility, manupilating the electrical or energy fields, X-ray vision and even the manipulation of matter I see as achievable.

Where are your magnets now?!

I don't think these are special gifts bestowed by some higher power or that people that do posses these abilities are unique in any other way other then that they did awaken their potentials.
You heart started beating when one of its cells contracted out of the blue, you have a electro-magnetic machine in your head, you can perceive more then any other animal with no thanks to your senses. You are a result of billions and billions of years of evolution so why wouldn't you be able to have some of the abilities that we, as humanity might find nifty for survival?

So in essence, I believe that we are already able for many of these feets, that we will be able for even more in the future. I also believe that the present zeigeist is holding us down in this area as well and that we will achieve hights meant for our race as soon as we understand that impossible is nothing!

Also, while we are on the topic of the superpowers, pick one you'd like to have most and share why!
For me, I'd like to be able to concentrate my consciousness and reincarnate with it in another human body for ever.

Freedom of Choice

Dootzkie Saturday, March 19, 2011
Many have pondered about this. What is the freedom of choice? How are you free from other influences, does it come from within or is it how we shape the reality of our lives.

A choice needs to be picked, that much is clear. For a choice to be picked, it needs to provide some incentive for us to pick it. For it to be appealing, it needs to correlate with our interests. The best way for something to correlate with us and to suite us is if we mold it and create it. So without further a due, I give you a six word wonder!


Look around you, almost everything you see has been created and designed by someone else, even your physical foundations are not "yours". Most of the choices you pick in your life have been created for you. What to order, what bus to take, for who to vote, or even what words to use to describe our inner world to others. Two to four buttons on a mouse, aound 105 buttons on the key board. All these things have been made for you and for everyone else and yet people often don't care to innovate for they are unsure if others will understand it. Also, something I will explain, FoC can go hand to hand with predetermined factors or peer/social pressure. I will explain how.

Hold the news readers nose squarely waiter or friendly milk will come to mand my trousers

~The freedom of choosing to adapt.
Why isn't FoC the ability to do what you want, when you want. Simply because when you say "what and when I want" you are most probably talking about not your own wants and needs but excluding others expectations in regards to your own behavior. What most people fail to understand, and we have the public education system to thank for this, is that life is an organic phenomenon, not a linear one. This means that if you start from a point A, you don't have to follow a predetermined line of living to arrive at B, C and D.

I want to go to Ш and Њ for petty sake. And you can go trough life doing just that. Setting your own path. With this idea, you come to understand that peer pressure isn't preventing you from making some choices but simply pushing you off to some favored by the mob. And no matter how strong that pressure is, it's still not prevention.
On top of that it is by your free choice that you agreed upon being pushed by the social dynamics. Your choice to let others make choices for you. Your choice and therefor your blame if you end up somewhere where you don't feel comfortable. You are fully aware of the benefits and the malefits of going with the stream, against or using it to get somewhere faster. Why we do this has been explained in "On the Social Contract" by Rousseau.

~The tyranny of Nature.
If you believe that what you see and perceive is what you get (WYSIWYG) then be aware that you have accepted the tyranny of Nature and it's laws, as well. You won't be able to levitate on your own or instant teleport your self with a thought. If you believe otherwise, like I do, act upon it and break the chains of the physical reality.

Conclusion. Freedom of choice is at the tip of the fingers, just reach out. Because of this, be aware that ever choice you make is your own, either by creating or choosing to follow a premade choice.
Live with your choices, enjoy the successes, love others, reap the benefits and don't die with regrets.

Be well, reader

Creating darkness - News version

Dootzkie Friday, March 18, 2011
For all of us that watch the news, we know what UN resolution has been passed. Funny thing that I noticed. 10 countries were for, amongst them Qatar or Lebanon which were the most vocal. On the other hand news are full of the bombardment about who didn't oppose. 5 countries didn't vote and amongst those is PR China, Russia and Germany. You'd think that they would only name the big players, but when I saw who they left out I had to laugh out loud... India and Brazil. Really tiny and meaningless...

For someone who doesn't want to read anything more then what he is served (and I really did need to look around quite a lot for the actual voting results) it would seem that Russia and PR China are always anti-NATO and that Germany is in PMS from the moment Angela came to power. But when you look at the fact that the most vocal for it are jokes of a state (I am not saying that they are failed regions, but they sure are not independent) and that India and Brazil are not worthy of a mention, you need to wonder about the global legitimacy of these kind of decisions

May we all be blessed by the Merciful Angel

The dark side of the light.

Today was a busy day. I have started preparing for the exams that are going to happen soon and the amount of pages i need to read isn't encouraging, so I started early.

This will influence the blog as well in either reducing the number of posts or shifting their focus or animation, music or phyilosophy of law.

Today, I bring you something that someone very special to me sent me this morning.

Enjoy the darkness so you may witness the light.

Be well

Lots and lots of great music!

Dootzkie Thursday, March 17, 2011
It's a new dawn, it's a new day!

Today I woke up, saw the beautiful day outside and for the first moment in a while I wasn't surprised that the sky was clear, there was a mild wind blowing and that it's warm and sunny. We have seen enough of such days here in the last few days to confirm that spring has arrived and that the beautiful days weren't just a fluke.

Here are some songs that I like to listen and that get me pumped up and ready to soak up every ray of light!

You really aren't sure if he is in love with his Enzo or with Gina or who ever. I love the sexual charge of this song! Jamiroquai always manages to hit my nerve and does influence me quite a bit.

I want more! ALWAYS! Great song, great beats great words (Decisions based upon faith and not fear, people who live right now and right here) and not to mention the breathtaking video. Pyongyang "games" are one of the things that I really wish to see before I go of to Valhalla.

Again, for those that know me, after Faithless, Daft Punk is mandatory. Great songs that two girls were listening and were bored cause they were studying the whole day produced this. Gotta admire the creativity that sprouted from their box heads!

We will drag you from the way you are to where you belong! Nothing else needs to be said to explain how great this song is. All you need is to turn up the volume to the max!



Dootzkie Wednesday, March 16, 2011
After quite a stimulative day yesterday one of the things the group I was with talked about is fidelity in a relationship. It started as an outcry from a girl towards the men of the group on why are we such primitive pigs that we have to ruin everything nice by cheating.
When I asked her where does she thinks fidelity sprouts from, she couldn't really answer because she knew that romantic love didn't prevent her from looking around.

So, I explained... In bite size thoughts, of course.
~Fidelity comes from fulfillment of needs and from the dynamic energy that needs to be felt by both of those in the relationship.

Fulfillment of needs: If you partner fulfills all or more then someone else of your basic needs (mental and intellectual, physical and sexual, social and status) you really won't have a reason to look around with nothing else but the corner of your eyes (looking isn't cheating, it's just not polite when you are with your partner). If something doesn't satisfy your basic level in some of those fields, you will be looking for someone that might will.
This fact does have a subsection that I shall call marketing.
If your partner presents false values to you that he/she doesn't have and you sniff that out you will deep inside feel scammed and will be more swift to break the fidelity idea into thousands of little pieces.

Ever changing energy: Change is constant, progress isn't. If you don't show an ability to change (preferably for the better) your partner will feel that and the energy of passion and love will just vanish over time and you will find each other just sitting in a coffee shop without anything to tell each other - and not in a "no words are needed" romantic way - just sitting there and being bored of each other.

After saying that to the most noisy girl, I asked her - So when you felt this faults from your partners, did you cheat on them. After an affirmative answer, I responded with another question - Is it possible that you gave out that vibe to the partners that left or cheated on you?
The rest is not important. Only these two fact and questions are.

Your thoughts?

Fiddle faddle...

Dootzkie Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The remodeling kinda didn't go as planned, so I will keep the present look of the blog until I find a way to implement the changes I wanted.

The main issue behind the idea to change the layout was to enable the double sidebar to the right which would then include, as it's top widget this

I know... It would have been great, but until I find a way to reduce it's size,  it won't be going anywhere near my sidebar.

It's like its talking to me!

I will also try to see and implement some other stuff there to bring all this a bit of flare.

If anyone has an idea how to adjust HaveASlogan to the size so it can fit to the sidebar, please inform me how to do so via comments. Note that the main issue isn't the resizing of the gadget, but the picture as well. See the code for other info.



Spring remodeling, animation and music.

Last night I had a vivid dream on how I should rearrange the layout of the blog and what should go where. It will hopefully allow me to implement a few new gadgets while keeping the text section as it is. Since I am still kinda new to this, it will be perfected through trial and error which will take some time.
So if you see the blog changing in front of your eyes, yes, its the heavy hallucinogenic drug you took ON TOP of my fiddling with it in the background. I won't be planting dragons in your kitchen nor will can I release the butterflies from the monitor. That is all you.

Not to leave you totally hanging, I will share with you an great animation that you can enjoy while high and that you may find disturbing if you are not.

Everybody dance!

Well, if you are going to dance while the little cloud bleeds out of his back door, you better have a tune to dance to. Here is one of the great songs from one of the greatest bands of all time. Addictiveness of their beats is second only to the power of their lyrics. The one, the only ~ FAITHLESS


Time is relevant? I'd say so!

Dootzkie Monday, March 14, 2011
After a nice talk with a mate, I was informed that the earthquake not only influenced one part of the region, but the whole Earth. Now don't ask me how and why, I am just reading about it, but it seems that our planet has been moved a bit off it's own axis and that the calendar we have and use today won't do any more.

Be aware of one fact, the time, as it is is one thing, but the measures of time is another. We don't care about the time, but only on the measure of times passed. Now, nature said what it had and our global agreement about the dates no longer depicts the reality of the world around us.

I wonder, will we, as a race, be autistic enough to ignore this scientfic fact or will we be able to adapt and pay the price of being aware that calendar and the clock isn't time, but human agreement.

On the other note, my health is finally getting better in regards of the past few days so I do appologize for a bit of randomness in the posts. As you can see, short and sharp ones ae back.

Be well

If you keep your mind open for too much...

... Your brain mught fall out.

I had a few people that in know in real life give me comments about expanding your minds and Quantum Leaps. While I did direct the towards the works of Robert Anton Wilson, I was reminded in what pragmatic time of cinicism we do live in. So, as homage to the distroted view on reality of the present time I shall comment upon the issue of PARANOIA.

For paranoia, I often say that it is a honed sense of reality and that while you should keep your mind and heart opened for everything, and then close it for malevolent invluences, and not the other way around, a little precaution is always good. Correct me if I am wrong, but Nietzsche did mention that the third transformation of a man should be into a child, right after the mule and a lion. On the other hand, staying on your toes is always a good thing for it sharpens your brain... And it does keep it from falling out.

 Anatidaephobia anyone?

To quote Henry Kissinger - The fact that I am paranoid, doesn't mean that no is watching over me.

So keep a sharp and open mind at both times. And beware of the ducks!

A bit of "morning" music

Something to get you started, to gets you shaking and in a good mood. Perfect for waking you up completelly so you can enjoy the upcoming post :D



Quantum Leaps

Dootzkie Sunday, March 13, 2011
What are these Quantum Leaps you keep hearing about? For me, they are moments in time of tru transcendance from one paradigme of thought to another. It's a moment when the last milimeter of a snake leaves the old skin. It's an instant, an endlessly small moment. Infinity in a point. And yet it is a huge step to take for it means you need to shed the old and rush in into the world with the eyes of a child.

When you are in one paradigme and you are aware that you need to expand your mind and jump out of it because it isn't doing you good, you need to make a Quantum Leap. This Leap of Faith as some call it is the change from one paradigme to another and does demand a lot of dedication. Not because you are don't think or see that the new pastures are evidently better, but because you are not prepared to shed the old.

You get a feeling as if the image of you is being torn apart, just like a picture of a malfunctioning TV oscilates all over and you get more of the same pictures but that are all off center.

This is why raising awareness about the paradigme you are in and the paradigme you are going to is so important. Expanding your mind, beliefs and thoughts, for in the end, if this doesn't happen on a massive scale, humanity might not exist for much longer, at least on the cosmic time scale.

Listen to Michio Kaku!

What is keeping you down in your paradigme of existance?
Where do you want to be?
Do you see that image of your future so sharp that you can cut your self on it?

Just you know why...

I just woke up and until I get fully awake and make one of my famous awesome posts. Until then I offer you this great commercial for cheese.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I am enjoying feta cheese for every meal of the day.

Help, he is behind me and making me write this.

Nothing is Good or Bad, but thinking makes it so.

Dootzkie Saturday, March 12, 2011
Bah... Nothing exploded for a while in Japan so it seems that the free glowsticks for the rave won't arrive. Also, I've read what I wanted about radiation, nuclear power plants, radiation poisoning and all that so on this subject there is nothing more to see, that is until the moment that it goes ka-boom. If it does.

Now, for those that read this, I might seem to be insensitive, but that is not so true.

When Japan, France and some other countries decided to no nuclear, they knew what they are getting them self into. People who go to live in earthquake friendly areas are also aware of the facts of their surroundings. You get some from it, you might lose some from it. At the very least, I can admit that I like the mentality of those that live in risky territories. Gambling in reality rather then on the table or a machine is much more fun. You make a choice, you live with it.

With that explained, I want to talk about a much more interesting topic. The perception of good and evil. Shakespear said that nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so and I do believe in this. This is why I don't care about many things that the society tells me I should. This is why I only show interest in another duality and that is static and dynamic.

Static, passive state of the world at this moment could be defined and is defined as malevolent and bad. At that moment, the dynamic energy works towards the so called good and benefit for the all. In all seriousness, I have a feeling that in a utopian society I would be bored and cause trouble. Always on the move, that's the way it should be.

~Jolly Joker, over and out
Be well

I don't need your Civil war!

Dootzkie Friday, March 11, 2011
I know, I know... When I said I will post music from time to time I promised electro and/or drum and bass, but what can I do when there is good music all over.

Hope you all enjoy the song and be sure to read the lyrics. My favorite part is the following

Look at the shoes your filling
Look at the blood we're spilling
Look at the world we're killing
The way we've always done before
Look in the doubt we've wallowed
Look at the leaders we've followed
Look at the lies we've swallowed
And I don't want to hear no more

What's so civil about war anyway?
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