Money in circulation

Dootzkie Saturday, April 30, 2011
While trying to explain the modern banking and economical situation of the world, an interesting joke spawned and it goes like this

Richard and John [utterly random names] are walking down the road when they come to a steaming pile of poo right in from of them. Someone took a good dump. Anyway, Dick suggests to John to eat it and as a stimulation offers 5000euros if he does that. John is now troubled, but 5k is 5k and so he gets on his knees and munches that shit at hand. Dick gives him 5k for completing the task and they continue down the road.
Now, John is pissed cause he was the one eating human extruments and Dick kinda wishes his cash back and wonders if John would have done it for less.
Not long after that, they come to another fine piece of poo. John wants dick to feel the scat in his mouth and Dick wants his money back. The stage is set, then. And so, John offers to Dick that if he eats that nice pile, he will give him 5000 euros. Dick does want his money back and accepts the deal and gets munching away. Sure enough, John respects the deal and gives him the promised 5k cash.
They continue walking and Dick, with a new found taste in his mouth, starts to ponder about what has happened and comments that neither of them made any profit.
To this John replies ~ Well, the important thing is that money is circulating.

I guess, in the end, when everything has been said and done we all take and eat shit not knowing why and carry on with a bad taste in our mouth. Why is that, that's for another piece of the Bite Size Thought ;)


And Fiona, I'm waaatching you.

Dootzkie Thursday, April 28, 2011
A while pack I brought to you the great Panda Cheese ads.

Today, we got another bear, and this one is creepy as well. The Willem Defoe and his serial killer voice don't help either.


And another one :D


Universal matter memory

Dootzkie Monday, April 25, 2011
I found some spare time to finish of writing the second part of the Design series in which we will talk about the idea that matter has universal memory which it shares and adapts to the situations making the Design the intricate part of matter it self.

This idea has been, in my opinion, abused by the homeopatic institutions of the world. So much so that they are now even a regular part of the medical centers in the UK.

But to get back at the memory in the matter. This idea would suggest that the Deux ex machina for our universe is the matter it self. Matter that is molded by it self. A Designed Designer designing Designer through Design... And yes, it could go on like this forever.

But if it's so, why is this happening? Why is matter using it memory and adapting when needed to fill out this universe in a way it did.
My idea and an answer to this question is very simple. That is that EVERY point of existance and non-existance is seeking to perfect it self in an never ending pursuit of unachievable final point. This brings the idea that dynamic nature is the true nature of things.

But what is "perfecting". Achieving Good, rather then Bad? Comming into union with every other point of existance or non-existance? Going into this would consume my whole blog, because this is a place where the logic stops and the speculations and faith begin.

As for my self, I believe that there is no good or bad [only thinking makes it so] thus giving us the idea that we cannot know a curtain path towards perfection leaving us to go about, trying everything we can until we find a new point that suits us and use it as a starting point for new explorations.

Viva la dynamic nature!


Dootzkie Sunday, April 24, 2011
While I don't celebrate this day as a member of any faith, I do like the tradition that is kept in my family with the eggs and the colours and the family gathering for a meal.
With this and some other stuff, I was distracted so I will offer this little picture that some of you probably did see, but non the less, I like the cheerful spirit of it.


Creep, funny and a piece of my childhood

Hello, dear readers. Lately I have been going a bit too much into either nonsense songs or into metaphysical ideas behind some topics.
Because of this, I bring you this great light-hearted posts containing something you didn't see in a while here, YouTube posts!

I found this short vid to be rather funny yet disturbing. I am unsure why. I think I never had such raw sense of humor that just a look could entice laughter from me, but this one is just so creepy that you cannot not laugh.

I never liked this cowards version of rugby and like most sports from USA, I dislike the static nature of it. Most of the game is spent standing and chewing gum, just like in baseball or other silly sports from the States. Also, this is not football, it's egghand at best!

I couldn't find the version I watched and I don't have the time to see if this one is good now, but you get it. The grand finale of on of the greats of Cartoon Network, while it was good. This, combined with Animaniacs, Johnny Bravo, Dexters Lab, I am Weasel, Cow and Chicken, The Grim advantures of Billy and Mandy or Evil Conwhatshisname were the cartoons i grew up on. Not this Ben10 Bakugan BS they serve kids today.

Anyway, ignore my rant and enjoy the last show before exiting the sceen of Ed Edd and Eddy!

And enjoy this lightheatered post. Tomorrow we continue with the deep stuff :D



Dootzkie Thursday, April 21, 2011
As the first section of the idea with a Designer that doesn't have to obey the laws of physics, I will look at alchemist - the master of transmutation. Why have I included them here? The answer is simple. The philosophy of equivalent exchange is not based on the rational, scientific law that you cannot create nor destroy matter or energy, but it is based on the fact that to gain something, something of equal value must be lost.
And value is a parameter much closer to the world of Ideas rather then to the world of Matter.

From this you can deduce that in the process of transmutation, an alchemist could bend the equasion of the world of Matter to the will of his ideas, of the value design in his mind. In such a manner, if someone was ready to sacrifice something that was to him worth a whole universe, then he could create it from his own mind. Thus he could be the Designer of the world we exist in today.

Alchemist did have one flaw, and that is that they based their ideas on a value system from which their arts sprouted from, thus they became trapped by it and went on an an endless journey of achieving the Great Works, amongst which is the Philosopher stone that would remove the rule of equivalent exchange and their own value system from the equasion. This would allow them to create and destroy matter, life, energy with a mere thought. That really does sound like they have achieved divinity and that they could be a new and fresh, unbound Designer.

And if you think, alchemy is dead, you are very mistaken, my dear friend. Since it represent the thought of two system of measure, the Idea and the Matter value, crossing each others path, while there are humans as we know them today, theoretical alchemy will exist.

I know that the think steel ring I have on my left little finger doesn't seem like it could be worth much to you nor to someone who sees it like a piece of metal, but for me that is one of the most valuable objects in the world.

To finish this post, I give you the quote from one of my favorite movies, TDK.

Alfred: With respect, Master Wayne, perhaps this is a man that you don't fully understand either. A long time ago, I was in Burma. My friends and I were working for the local government. They were trying to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders by bribing them with precious stones. But their caravans were being raided in a forest north of Rangoon by a bandit. So we went looking for the stones. But in six months, we never met anyone who had traded with him. One day I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine. The bandit had been throwing the stones away.

Endless greatness!

Dootzkie Wednesday, April 20, 2011
I am sure most of you know of this but I just wanted to share to be sure you don't miss it! Tonight I will do a marathon on this. Results incoming!

Also, how can someone "endure" this? You endure bad things, hard things. This is just insanelly good!


Intelligent Design

Due to the nature of some of my posts and the fact that people I know in real life do read this, a few topics did sprout from this situation. One of them was the idea of the Intelligent Design and if there is a design must there be a Designer?

First off I examined the phrase - Intelligent Design and the futility of adding the word "intelligent" to something that we can only attribute to some form of cognitive intelligence - the design process.
Now, getting back at "design". To this I shall refer as a plan, a blueprint for a system or just one object. We see this on the basic level all around us. The keyboard I am writing on and the monitor you are reading this from have all been designed by someone. Going on a larger [and nerdier] scale we can look at Xel'Naga as designers and molders of races and planets.

With all this said, it's obvious that Designers are those that bridged the gap between the world of Ideas and the world of Matter. The only difference it seems is the idea that designers can only mold what they have while the Designer can materialize the Idea into Matter.

So, with that defined, let's see if it's acceptable for us to believe that it is possible to bridge this gap between worlds in such a manner over the course of the next few posts.

I will explore more of this subject over the ideas of alchemy, universal matter memory and ultimately, the Grand non designed Designer.

Stick around ;)

Nonsese, reality, implications and hiatus announced

Dootzkie Saturday, April 9, 2011
I think I didn't pose the question I wanted in the right manner regarding the last post [Inception] so I will rephrase it as such.

"If that what I have experienced was real, what are the implications of that?"
What are the implications of dreaming about the future and future coming to life in fron of your eyes, unchanged, just as you foresaw it?

Now for the important part of the post - Hiatu!
As some of my readers know, I am involved in a long distance relationship for more then a year now. How I feel for her, you ask?

Well, I shall presume most of you read "the Feast (or about Love)" by Plato and that you know what androgynous beings are.

For those that don't, they were powerful and beautiful ball like creatures consistent of a male and a female entity. As they were consumed by vanity, Zeus decided to split them in two. This is one of the myths in Greek mythology that explains the creation of a men and women. They say that every "ball", after being split was deep in despair and that one half always seeks the other.

I feel like she is my other half and I know that only beside her I feel the true sensasion of living.

To prevent other outpores of emotions, I'll get back to the subject.
So, hiatus!?!
I will be departing from my city in 12 hours from now and will be at her town from 10th of April onwards for at least a week. In the meantime I'll also have to be a judge at a debating competition that will be held in her town during my stay so my net access will be limited.

This means that the post here will be scheduled and will contain the mandatory daily nonsense song, addendum post regarding theism and Philosophy by Music series started.

I hope you will all stick around and continue doing your thing.

As for the nonsense, here is a healthy dose of it:

There was an Old Person of Anerley
Whose conduct was strange and unmannerly;
He rushed down the Strand
With pigs in each hand,
But returned in the evening to Anerley.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-To remind you, I need comments about the implications if what I experienced was real :D
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Dootzkie Friday, April 8, 2011
It's not about the movie, but the dreams that let you see the future or the present that we think we dreamed once about.

Imagine that you do something on a weekly basis. Imagine that you have certain things connected to that habit that usually stay the same. Now, dream about that during that weekly habit a few parameters [lets say four] are very different and have never happen before so they are very unexpected. And in this posible but unlikely situation in the dream you halt and say you dreamed about that and then wake up.
Months pass and you forget about it, only sometimes refreshing that picture when you meditate about your dreams.
Then, find you self in that same situation, recognize it, say the line you said in the dream about seeing this in a dream [something like - I dreamed about this moment] and understand that you fulfulled the moment from the dream by saying that.

So basically, you dream about a moment and say in the dream that you dreamed about it. Then when that moment happens you start to recognize it and say the same line from your dream.

This happened to me a few days ago and since then I am restless.
Do share your opinions on this subject because my mind is full of billions and billions of fuck...


Dootzkie Thursday, April 7, 2011
Hope ya enjoyed the first post about monkey experiments.
We are talking about primates, but I like the word monkeys more so I'll continue using it.

Now, I'm going to deliver the second one that one could consider as disturbing as the first one, but it's much more important then the status quo maintaining one.

Scientist have noticed that groups of monkeys, chimps in this case, almost never exceed fifty members. They also noticed that this patter on the limit of the size of the group appears in most of the other members of the monkeykind. One group of slightly sadistic scientists decided to test the relation of the size of the brain to the size of the group.
After a few dozen lobotomies they could see that monkeys would separate into smaller groups, and thus they concluded that the size of the brain does determine the size of the group of people you can socialize with properly. They named that group - The Monkeysphere.

Monkeysphere exists with humans and is thought to be limited that 150 people, on average. Does this mean you cannot name or know more then 150 people. Surelly not!

But can you tell me something more about that one person you waited with before the exam, or your neighbor, other then their name, sex, race and other generic info? For you, the cop that directs trafic, the woman in the grocey store or you teachers exist, but they are two dimensional beings. You are aware of them as you are aware of the birds and trees.

The people in the monkeysphere are 3D in your own eyes. They have hopes, fears and dreams, they have a familiy and geneology. You know them more personally and you know more of them rather then just generic things that are normal to share with almost anyone. These are all the things we are usually not aware of.
This always reminds me for a scene from "Reservoir dogs" where upon being asked if he killed any people Mr. NotSureWhatColour replies "No people, just two cops"

Plato had a father, Shakespear was in someones English class, Adriana Lima goes to the bathroom and the faceless companies couldn't function without the people that are working in them.

Expand your monkeysphere if you got spare room and always be aware that we are all human beings!

Be well

And suddenly, monkeys everywhere.

Dootzkie Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Philosophy through music will be reserved to be released from Sunday onwards because then is when I will be out of town. So before that, I will share some info with you about two monkey experiments.


This will be the part one of two part post about monkeys. This one will be dedicated to a cage, a banana, some electricity and three groups of monkeys. Actually they are apes, but monkey sounds much better.

Once upon a time there was this cage and the first group of monkeys and a banana on the top of the stairs in the cage. What our little monkeys are about to find out is that when ever a monkey gets up and takes a banana from the top of the cage the rest that are one the lower levels get electrocuted. And we all know monkeys don't want to be electrocuted. Ofcourse, after a while they understood a patter and developed a new social behaviour that was there to protect the group. Who ever tried to go to the banana was attacked and killed. No one was to even approach the stairs. After a while, when enough monkeys were killed, the first group of monkeys settled down and no one even tried to get up there. All was well.

Touch me! I know you want to.

And for a time, it was good. But then the malicious scientists introduced a new group of monkeys to this first one. New, young monkeys that were let into the cage. The young monkeys had to learn fast how did the first group function for they wanted to be integrated. Everything was as they expected except that everyone would go berzerk and into a killing frenzy when a new monkey would try to answer to call of the curved yellow goodness that stood atop the stairs in the cage. After a while, the new monkeys learned not to go to that section of the cage and everything was well. As with every great story, as soon as things get calmer, you need to shake the pot again. That is exactly what scientists did. But this time ther removed the first group from the cage. The group that knew why was it killing it's members if they gave out a sign that they might go up the stairs. Only then they introduced a new group of apes into the cage.

What do you think happened?

Simple - the second group of monkeys maintained the status quo of killing monkeys even when they didn't know why they should do that. The scientists turn off the electicity and monkeys still persisted in their behaviour...

Status quo needed to be maintained no matter what, and those that questioned why were killed on the spot.
Are we still talking about monkeys in a cage?

Cogito et Credo

Dootzkie Monday, April 4, 2011
ut intelligam
ut agaim
ut vivam

I believe
so I can understand
so I can act [do]
so I can live

This is my creed. This is how I see the world. I cannot know anything apart that my conscious exists thus in everything else I believe. I have faith that I am here, that this is at least one plane of reality that I must explore. Because of this faith in this reality I am able to understand it's inner workings a little better, I am able to act in it, to live in it. If it's real, of course. Never stop doubting ;)

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - Shakespear

I see this as one of the truths that I believe in the most. Good or bad for me don't exist. The polarity I rely on is dynamic and static. I believe that everything is dynamic and that things can be static, but not permanently, thus being dynamic at some point as well.
This removes a possibility of a Motionless Impulse giver. Of a static figure, visage that starts everything else and from this we can understand that One ultimate God isn't allowed in my set of beliefs. Higher beings are possible and I even believe they exist. Heck, I believe that humans were and will be on some higher plane of existence.

So, if I doubt everything, never sure of what I do is real and if I don't believe in Good, Bad and the Ugly nor in one ultimate being, what keeps me going. Why I am such a optimist about everything?

Because that is how I feel. And when the Sun of knowledge goes down, the Moon of feelings arises. I feel fulfilled, satisfied, purposeful when I am dynamic. When I help and when I judge! This feeling might not seem logical for all of you, but for me it is a part of my being, of my consciousness.

This reminds me - With my views explained on the basis of knowledge and the correlation of faith and fact, I need to write about one more duality that is, or should be as equally symbiotic: Reason and Feeling.


Prevention of mental decay

To prevent the mental decay that is sure to follow from the previous post I must point you out toward the sharpest soft toung I have ever heard. I believe that most of you have heard of him, mostly over the Zeitgeist movie series

Enjoy, listen and think!


I'm not lazy, I'm just busy

And since I am busy please accept this offering as a post!

I bring you the full on madness of a great creep!

Hope you all like it and not come knocking on my door with torches and pitchforks because I left the ending of To Know for tomorrow...

Gun, bow or crossbow?

Dootzkie Saturday, April 2, 2011
In the past month and a bit the leaders of the city I live decided to actually do something for the part of the city I live in.

Improved pipeline and other stuff for a small plan that provides heating and hot water and which is near my building, remodeling of a large kindergarden complex that is rather near to my building as well. On top of that, some of my dear neighbors  that my family shares this apartment building with, decided to get into the earl morning spring remodeling as well.

It's started innocent! With leaf blowers that woke me up in a mindset that the world is going to end! Against them, in a moment of a Sanity Eclipse I took my fathers air rifle with an intent to disable their machines. I was prevented to do so... Sadly...

Next time it was the kindergarden remodeling which had to start early so that it could finish before the nap time for the little ones. While they were away a bit more then the fudge packers with the leaf blowers, they were still in sight and range. But, yet again, I couldn't shoot because of the kids. And, as kids retreated to take their noon nap, the workers retreated as well! Cowards!

This morning, I had a dream with lots of people I know and one of them needed to hang a poster on a wooden door but there was no ducktape. Only some nails and a hammer. He took em and started hammering the nail to hold the poster until it was hammered half way. I told him to stop because there is no need for him to continue, but he did and the nail didn't go any further. The noise became louder and in the dream I finally pulled him away from the door. To my horror, the sounds persisted and still was becoming louder. This lack of logic woke me up and I could hear that the hammering was coming from the plane of existance!!!
Did I mention its Saturday morning!? Around 08:30 to be exact!

I planned on being stubborn and to stay in bed. I thought, who ever is doing this must stop soon enough and then I will be able to catch some extra sleep before I get up.
Then, like they agreed up on it, as the hammering from the neighbors stopped, some other infernal machine of torment started working in the plan.

Now, when I am up for around 20 minutes, everything is silent. I am pondering about getting some pots and pans and just making as much noise as possible an scream out of the terrase "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

Another plan is to get either a gun, bow or crossbow to deal with any further harbingers of doom that spawn near my place of residence.

I am mostly for the crossbow because I don't have to keep it in tension like with the bow, but it's not as loud as a gun.
I really don't want to disturb people as I slay them!

While we are on the topic of Solidarite

Dootzkie Friday, April 1, 2011
Here is a fun little team game that you might find interesting.

You totally depend on your team and they depend on you.


Liberté, égalité...

You know what should follow, right?

Well, I took a picture of a graffiti of a different version that I really did like.

As for that and the original motto, I always thought that everyone is using it in a reversed way. Going for freedom first and then equality never did suite me. Not to mention that "or death" ending was actually the Status Que then, now and will be if things don't change.

So this is what I propose

Be dead and stay dead or see everyone as your brothers, equal as brothers so you can all be liberated and free!

Note that I said "equal as brothers". Because no one is truly equal in this world and trying to achieve that is against logic and nature it self. But equal like brothers is something much more familiar to humans as well as organic and in tune with the world.
If you look over the pond, you will see that "All man are created equal" and not that they are equal ;)

~Enjoy this understanding as much as I enjoy this tea!

Brace for it!

I have bought two books today. One is diary/journal of a short period of time and the other is a collection of articles written by or about Nikola Tesla.

If you are not aware on who he is, I think that before you go and look for info about him, you need to know that if he had it his way, you would all be much more relaxed and satisfied in this moment. From ideas and even pattents for endless energy syphoned from the cosmos and it's interaction with the Earth to the wireless transmision of energy and the theory that is what Einstein couldn't pin down in his search for the theory of everything.

How is this relevant for you, dear reader?! Apart from all the reasons stated above...

Well, this is the only of three man I admire in the purest form of venoration. So reading his thoughts will as well influence my thoughts and will influence my posts. So, brace your self for some of the most insane things you actually know and feel, but ignore.

As for now, it's late, I am dead tired and the exams start from tomorrow, so I'll stick to the plan of what comes next ;)

Before I go to the dreamland, I must ask you, dear reader to leave a comment on what you know about Tesla or what you learned if you looked around for info about him after reading this.

Be well!
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