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Dootzkie Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Twisted fate strikes again and I rise from the ashes with more great ideas!

First off, my real life will get a lot more complicated as of soon since I might get an almost dreamjob for a youngling like my self without the university degree. Ofcourse, I will continue going to my university. On to of that I might be taking a course on NLP, which is something I am very interested in and since it's a proper course it will eat a lot of time, but my posts might take a turn towards that [and nightlife and music festivals due to the possible new job].
On top of that I will be going back to the gym...

Damn... With all that writen down I my self don't know where I'll find the time to do it all and have any spare time for anything else.

Now, as for my net activities, I was having some difficultios with some malicious twats, but that is being taken care of. And, the best thing about it all is that in a few days [if my mate finds the time to finish some stuff] I will be launching a new site with .com. This pleases me greatly because I will include 4 themes in that which will be Nonsense - Insults - Pick ups - Random

For nonsense, well, my readers do know what I mean by that. I plan to keep on collecting those lovely limerics and even enable a way for people to send me their own.
For insults... I find the lack of sophistication in a day to day insults and comebacks disturbing. Yo mama and NO U will be ignored while some other ones will be pushed into the front row [Instead, You sooo old one could say "If I was to tell you to act your own age, you'd die"]
For pickups - I will include some funny and some neat and nifty tricks and lines that are either there for amusement or can be really used for approach. From "Do you know what's the average weight of a polar bear. No...? Neither do I but it breaks the ice" [And I had some positive replies to that!] to some well thought off backhanded compliments [or negs if you know what I mean *wink*].
Random will be... Random... Mostly texts or stimulative videos. I will pull a few texts from here to get it started and will write one or two a week.

Now, I am off... Life calls!

Be well


Astronomy Pirate said...

Good luck at the dreamjob.

Mercurio said...

now you have a busy life.

LoneIslander said...

Good luck with the job bro

Al3xaG said...

What is that dreamjob?!

T. Roger Thomas said...

I hope the job pans out for you.

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