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If truth is of female nature, how can you trust it?

Dootzkie Sunday, November 13, 2011
I will skip the intro on why and how female nature, female aspect is passive and transformative - as opposed to male which is active yet more rigid in nature. If you can agree with it, great!

I have started writing and I give you the translation (and the original) of a thing I wrote today.

The truth sets you free?
It can, but it is not it's main, true nature. If you believe in the (possibility of) truth, undestand that it is a she, a female. Static and transformative.
I have found many truths about a moment that streached for a long time in my past. Some of them set me free, some of them bound me in chains.
But all of them transformed me and my view, outlook on the moments passed and moments to come.

If the truth is a female, how can we trust it?

Original verzija - onako kako mi je doshlo u glavu:

Istina oslobadja?
Ume, ali joj to nije glavna priroda.
Ako verujesh u istinu, shvati da je ona zensko. Statichna i transformishuca.
Saznao sam pregrsht istina o jednom dugom moment. Neke su me oslobodile, neke su me bacile u lance. No sve su me transformisale, kako mene tako i pogled na momenat proshli i buduci.

Ako je istina zensko, mozemo li joj verovati?


Jay said...

interesting point.

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