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The return of the prodigal son

Dootzkie Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At least I am not half barefoot.

There has been a lot of events in the last two weeks of my life. Some joyful, some gloomy, some that happened to others, some that happened to me.

But after all that I have returned. And I won't stay all too long here for I plan to move this fine establishment to a new and much better organized site with it's own .com URL.
Best news so far where that all the time I neglected this site and it's readers payed of. I passed two exams I wanted so I can pause from the university work for a while. The bad news is that I will have a lot of free time in July and some in August. Well, actually, the bad news is the reason, and the free time is just an effect that can still change.

For the blog, nonsense songs will return, so will the texts and the music. Pictures will be removed, as a theme, but will as such follow some posts. The same will be done with quotes. And since today was a day for quotes, it means I don't have to write anything.

Also, a final note. From 1st of July till the 3rd or 4th I will be in the capitol city of Hungary on a debating competition at CEU or how's it called. So... As you might have figured, I won't be around during that time as well.

As for the upcoming topics they will be about education system. For this I blame the fact that I had to study like crazy to pass constitutional law, that I have started reading an interesting book that delves deep into the human mind and that I have been watching [again] a lot of Sir Ken Robinsons talks.

Hope you dear lemon drops are still around and reading ;)

Be well


D4 said...

Hey, I won't be around those days either!

D. said...

Yep, still here :)

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