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Dootzkie Saturday, July 30, 2011
As one of my passions, psychology, enticed me to follow it down the rabit whole, at the other side of the earth, I fell in the the land of neuro linguistic programming and found my self very welcomed there. I also "stayed" there for quite a while, not leaving it where ever I went in this world, always testing and extrapolating algorythms of behaviour and the inner workings of mine and the mind of others.

Partially, this is why I abandoned this fine blog I have here. What snapped me back into "reality" is that soon I'll be going to the seaside and that even sooner I should start hitting the books for the univeristy. But all that, at least on here can wait for from this post onwards I will share some great things I have found and some even greater things I have managed to merge with my old storage of information and this new input.

As for now I will only provide you with a small pointer which is - If you want to get your self into this [and I know you will after some posts of mine], start with reading Richard Bandlers "Using your brain for a change". It's just enought to be basic and stimulating. As we continue going down this rabbit hole I will provide more references to texts or experts. I expect you to do the same via comments.

Be well!


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