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Thoughts on Budapest

Dootzkie Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I have just returned from the debating tournament held at Central European University in Budapest and I'd like to share some impressions with my dear readers.

~The city feel.
I like the vibe of the city very much so. I thought it has more people living in it then my beloved Belgrade, but they are of the same size. While Budapest has been affected by the socialistic architecture, it's a lot less noticeable then in Belgrade and with so much great both new and old buildings I felt like Belgrade and Paris clashed and gave birth to Budapest. I have added it to the list of cities I need to know as back of my own palm, so I do plan to go there again... And again.

~The motivation.
For sure won't be the Hungarian girls. After three days and a visit to 400, Szimpla Kert, Corvinus and a few places at Franz List square [I think I only spelled 400 correctly] I have concluded that "you're face isn't so asymmetrical" is the pinnacle a compliment you can give to a Hungarian chick.
Food could be one of the motivators to return there. I had a religious experience with a sour cherry strudel cover in chili chocolate.
A sure motivator will be the spa centers! Ten euros for a whole day access to a place with great warm pools, saunas, cold barrels, Turkish baths might seem cheap, but you will have to leave after a few hours anyway cause the water saps your energy so fast. I have heard that when the weather is better one of the spa centers makes a party at nighttime with rather good cocktails.

~The political issues.
Since I was in Budapest during the Jobbik rally I would like to say a few things on the political climate there. When the Jobbik came to the public view as the VERY radical nationalistic and racist group the other right wing parties such as Fidesz seems mild and a good choice. Now they are in power and Moscow square and any other signs of social remnants are being removed and are replaced with proper Hungarian names. In a few days, Hungary will step down from the position of "leading" the EU in favor of Poland and people that live there tell me that then they do expect an outburst of nationalism.

For those that weren't there, I recommend you go there and enjoy this great city with your own senses.

As a note, GO Djokovic GO!

Be well


Jay said...

sounds like a great place. :D

D4 said...

Oh I'd love to, I really would

Electric Addict said...

i want to go sometime

Doro said...

I've been there last year. It's beautiful city!

Kingmush said...

I want to go there some time.

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