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Nonsese, reality, implications and hiatus announced

Dootzkie Saturday, April 9, 2011
I think I didn't pose the question I wanted in the right manner regarding the last post [Inception] so I will rephrase it as such.

"If that what I have experienced was real, what are the implications of that?"
What are the implications of dreaming about the future and future coming to life in fron of your eyes, unchanged, just as you foresaw it?

Now for the important part of the post - Hiatu!
As some of my readers know, I am involved in a long distance relationship for more then a year now. How I feel for her, you ask?

Well, I shall presume most of you read "the Feast (or about Love)" by Plato and that you know what androgynous beings are.

For those that don't, they were powerful and beautiful ball like creatures consistent of a male and a female entity. As they were consumed by vanity, Zeus decided to split them in two. This is one of the myths in Greek mythology that explains the creation of a men and women. They say that every "ball", after being split was deep in despair and that one half always seeks the other.

I feel like she is my other half and I know that only beside her I feel the true sensasion of living.

To prevent other outpores of emotions, I'll get back to the subject.
So, hiatus!?!
I will be departing from my city in 12 hours from now and will be at her town from 10th of April onwards for at least a week. In the meantime I'll also have to be a judge at a debating competition that will be held in her town during my stay so my net access will be limited.

This means that the post here will be scheduled and will contain the mandatory daily nonsense song, addendum post regarding theism and Philosophy by Music series started.

I hope you will all stick around and continue doing your thing.

As for the nonsense, here is a healthy dose of it:

There was an Old Person of Anerley
Whose conduct was strange and unmannerly;
He rushed down the Strand
With pigs in each hand,
But returned in the evening to Anerley.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-To remind you, I need comments about the implications if what I experienced was real :D
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Jay said...

i'm just gonna say, have fun!

Sam: said...

I understand what you mean ..
and have a good time!!!

DVNO said...

I love your writings :]

Corridor said...

Implications: Not much, I tend to forget about my dreams.

Oh well, love your writing, be back soon yeah? :D

Anonymous said...

We'll be waiting for you comeback ;)

D. said...

Have fun :)

And as for the previous post.. hmmm, I'm kind of a skeptic when it comes to dreams because I think we can imagine we dreamed something as it happens, just because it is familiar.

Insider33 said...

Don't worry about your blog dude. Have a fun trip.

R.C said...

Enjoy the trip, man.

Slamcakes said...

Good luck!

BeefyWellington said...

WOW! I just can't get over how awesome your blog looks..followed like a boss.

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