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Liberté, égalité...

Dootzkie Friday, April 1, 2011
You know what should follow, right?

Well, I took a picture of a graffiti of a different version that I really did like.

As for that and the original motto, I always thought that everyone is using it in a reversed way. Going for freedom first and then equality never did suite me. Not to mention that "or death" ending was actually the Status Que then, now and will be if things don't change.

So this is what I propose

Be dead and stay dead or see everyone as your brothers, equal as brothers so you can all be liberated and free!

Note that I said "equal as brothers". Because no one is truly equal in this world and trying to achieve that is against logic and nature it self. But equal like brothers is something much more familiar to humans as well as organic and in tune with the world.
If you look over the pond, you will see that "All man are created equal" and not that they are equal ;)

~Enjoy this understanding as much as I enjoy this tea!


Random Stormtrooper said...

A good read. I browsed your stuff; I like what I see. I'll definitely check back to see what you whip up :)

rinns said...

Your blog looks amazing btw :P

Silent Crawler said...

As you have noticed: there is no true equality among people. It's against nature itself. If there was equality, there would be no food chains, competition, market or anything else that makes world running.

Dootzkie said...

Rinns! you are alive! <3

@SCrawler - An interesting depiction of this has been done at the start of Watership Down - the equality idea.

I believe that no once can be equal with anyone else from purely scientific reasons. When it comes to general rights, aye, we are CREATED equal, but we are not equal onwards in life :D

D. said...

I like it, it makes more sense this way.

Mr. Dough said...

A belief that certainly makes it easier to die. Makes perfect sense why it was preached so vehemently.

Intraman said...

I definitely agree with you people too often forget about solidarity! or mistake charity for solidarity

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