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Dootzkie Friday, April 1, 2011
I have bought two books today. One is diary/journal of a short period of time and the other is a collection of articles written by or about Nikola Tesla.

If you are not aware on who he is, I think that before you go and look for info about him, you need to know that if he had it his way, you would all be much more relaxed and satisfied in this moment. From ideas and even pattents for endless energy syphoned from the cosmos and it's interaction with the Earth to the wireless transmision of energy and the theory that is what Einstein couldn't pin down in his search for the theory of everything.

How is this relevant for you, dear reader?! Apart from all the reasons stated above...

Well, this is the only of three man I admire in the purest form of venoration. So reading his thoughts will as well influence my thoughts and will influence my posts. So, brace your self for some of the most insane things you actually know and feel, but ignore.

As for now, it's late, I am dead tired and the exams start from tomorrow, so I'll stick to the plan of what comes next ;)

Before I go to the dreamland, I must ask you, dear reader to leave a comment on what you know about Tesla or what you learned if you looked around for info about him after reading this.

Be well!


Jordan said...

Good luck with your exams.
I don't know much about him, but my sister mentioned him the other day.

Rasslin' and MMA said...

Love Tesla. Theres a great episode of drunk history about him.

Electric Addict said...

famous inventor. The Tesla effect was named after him

Jay.CA said...

Tesla vs Edison. FIGHT!

Kim Anders said...

nice! tesla was brilliant

mac-and-me said...

tesla is my hero

psyke said...

Tesla. Flawless victory.

Mr. Dough said...

Tesla certainly had a lot of interesting ideas. Looking forward to your posts about the subject.

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