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Cogito et Credo

Dootzkie Monday, April 4, 2011
ut intelligam
ut agaim
ut vivam

I believe
so I can understand
so I can act [do]
so I can live

This is my creed. This is how I see the world. I cannot know anything apart that my conscious exists thus in everything else I believe. I have faith that I am here, that this is at least one plane of reality that I must explore. Because of this faith in this reality I am able to understand it's inner workings a little better, I am able to act in it, to live in it. If it's real, of course. Never stop doubting ;)

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so" - Shakespear

I see this as one of the truths that I believe in the most. Good or bad for me don't exist. The polarity I rely on is dynamic and static. I believe that everything is dynamic and that things can be static, but not permanently, thus being dynamic at some point as well.
This removes a possibility of a Motionless Impulse giver. Of a static figure, visage that starts everything else and from this we can understand that One ultimate God isn't allowed in my set of beliefs. Higher beings are possible and I even believe they exist. Heck, I believe that humans were and will be on some higher plane of existence.

So, if I doubt everything, never sure of what I do is real and if I don't believe in Good, Bad and the Ugly nor in one ultimate being, what keeps me going. Why I am such a optimist about everything?

Because that is how I feel. And when the Sun of knowledge goes down, the Moon of feelings arises. I feel fulfilled, satisfied, purposeful when I am dynamic. When I help and when I judge! This feeling might not seem logical for all of you, but for me it is a part of my being, of my consciousness.

This reminds me - With my views explained on the basis of knowledge and the correlation of faith and fact, I need to write about one more duality that is, or should be as equally symbiotic: Reason and Feeling.



Claude said...

Nice post Dootzkie, being able to believe in something is all that matters. If you know and believe in what you believe in then you have no doubts and feel good about yourself.

mikkello said...

Do unterstand that you actually live is very important, i think of it all the time

doomsday said...

Great post bro!

Silent Crawler said...

Reason and feeling symbiotic? That's a good point not many people happen to see.

Patti D. said...

Very deep, your reasoning is quite sound.

D. said...

Nice to meet you :)

Erika said...

You seem to have a really clear way of thinking. It totally makes sense and I completely agree. Love that Shakespeare quote as well btw =]

Great post!

izzfoshizzz said...

your words enlighten me

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