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Dootzkie Friday, April 8, 2011
It's not about the movie, but the dreams that let you see the future or the present that we think we dreamed once about.

Imagine that you do something on a weekly basis. Imagine that you have certain things connected to that habit that usually stay the same. Now, dream about that during that weekly habit a few parameters [lets say four] are very different and have never happen before so they are very unexpected. And in this posible but unlikely situation in the dream you halt and say you dreamed about that and then wake up.
Months pass and you forget about it, only sometimes refreshing that picture when you meditate about your dreams.
Then, find you self in that same situation, recognize it, say the line you said in the dream about seeing this in a dream [something like - I dreamed about this moment] and understand that you fulfulled the moment from the dream by saying that.

So basically, you dream about a moment and say in the dream that you dreamed about it. Then when that moment happens you start to recognize it and say the same line from your dream.

This happened to me a few days ago and since then I am restless.
Do share your opinions on this subject because my mind is full of billions and billions of fuck...


Corridor said...

Purely coincidence. Your mind perceives the world it spawned itself and took it as real, therefore locking it down as a memory. When a similar event occurs IRL, your mind then goes back to the memory and does what it considers 'routine'. Your conscious, however, has no clue about what has transpired.

Of course, that's just my personal opinion. Cheers mate.

ExoticBlogger said...

Our world is an illusion!

Erika said...

"So basically, you dream about a moment and say in the dream that you dreamed about it. "

Basically??? Great. Now MY mind's full of billions and billions of fuck.... xP

Great read!

john178 said...

I gave up on thinking of these things, makes me head hurt.

Sam: said...

I've known similar situations happen to my friend, but something that happens to me quite often now, is dreams within dreams..
Not in the inception style.. and not in the sense that, i dream about me sleeping an dreaming..

1. I fall asleep (in reality)
2. I start dreaming within the first dream, so i don't know I'm dreaming withing a dream yet.
3. I wake up and feel like I'm awake in reality, but I'm not, I'm awake in a dream.
4. I live my daily life in the 1st dream then wake up when i go to sleep in that.
5. I'm not in reality.

I hope that makes sense -.-

Insider33 said...

I have dreamt about sleeping, thought it was pretty meta.

Jay said...

de ja vu..

Trelin said...

Reality is only what we perceive it to be with our senses, including our mind as a sense. If we experience it as real, it is 'real'.

Leestander said...

Inception is the best movie i ave seen so faar, becuase its almost true. my friend and i can be in eatch outher dreem and we live live like 200 Km away.. and we can like talk at MSN all about it and he remember it al

psyke said...

Do you ever sleep on planes?

Electric Addict said...

ive had the de ja vu feeling before many times

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