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Intelligent Design

Dootzkie Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Due to the nature of some of my posts and the fact that people I know in real life do read this, a few topics did sprout from this situation. One of them was the idea of the Intelligent Design and if there is a design must there be a Designer?

First off I examined the phrase - Intelligent Design and the futility of adding the word "intelligent" to something that we can only attribute to some form of cognitive intelligence - the design process.
Now, getting back at "design". To this I shall refer as a plan, a blueprint for a system or just one object. We see this on the basic level all around us. The keyboard I am writing on and the monitor you are reading this from have all been designed by someone. Going on a larger [and nerdier] scale we can look at Xel'Naga as designers and molders of races and planets.

With all this said, it's obvious that Designers are those that bridged the gap between the world of Ideas and the world of Matter. The only difference it seems is the idea that designers can only mold what they have while the Designer can materialize the Idea into Matter.

So, with that defined, let's see if it's acceptable for us to believe that it is possible to bridge this gap between worlds in such a manner over the course of the next few posts.

I will explore more of this subject over the ideas of alchemy, universal matter memory and ultimately, the Grand non designed Designer.

Stick around ;)


JuX said...

Are you talking about the alternative to the theory of evolution here? Because i am not sure. If you are, then it has been proven to be based on religion as studies have been done. But i believe there must be something that humans will never be able to comprehend that defines how everything "started". We as people will never be able to comprehend it. If you are not talking about the theory then disregard this long comment.

Dootzkie said...

Actually, I am not talking about alternatives to evolution, but the idea of the Designer, what that means on lower levels of reality and what it means in the ultimate sense of the word.


Insider33 said...

Good to see you posting again.

Al3xaG said...

This looks pretty interesting so I'm not gonna comment right now, looking forward for the next posts!

Jay said...

this will be interesting.

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