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Universal matter memory

Dootzkie Monday, April 25, 2011
I found some spare time to finish of writing the second part of the Design series in which we will talk about the idea that matter has universal memory which it shares and adapts to the situations making the Design the intricate part of matter it self.

This idea has been, in my opinion, abused by the homeopatic institutions of the world. So much so that they are now even a regular part of the medical centers in the UK.

But to get back at the memory in the matter. This idea would suggest that the Deux ex machina for our universe is the matter it self. Matter that is molded by it self. A Designed Designer designing Designer through Design... And yes, it could go on like this forever.

But if it's so, why is this happening? Why is matter using it memory and adapting when needed to fill out this universe in a way it did.
My idea and an answer to this question is very simple. That is that EVERY point of existance and non-existance is seeking to perfect it self in an never ending pursuit of unachievable final point. This brings the idea that dynamic nature is the true nature of things.

But what is "perfecting". Achieving Good, rather then Bad? Comming into union with every other point of existance or non-existance? Going into this would consume my whole blog, because this is a place where the logic stops and the speculations and faith begin.

As for my self, I believe that there is no good or bad [only thinking makes it so] thus giving us the idea that we cannot know a curtain path towards perfection leaving us to go about, trying everything we can until we find a new point that suits us and use it as a starting point for new explorations.

Viva la dynamic nature!


Jesper said...

Nice reading!

GreenIdeas said...

Dynamic and evolving, this is the elements of design which stands on the shoulders of giants, meaning that we rework other works which are great to evolve it to greater works... Hence dynamic in nature and always becoming better.

Claude said...

Perfection can never be reached, so be happy the way you/something is. If you reach this so called perfection, there will be something better, and there's nothing to say that it is actually bad and the other way is what is good. Nice post Dootzkie.

Corridor said...

Yes, you have a point there. Equilibrium seems to be prevalent in a lot of the science stuff, namely Thermoequilibrium and Chemical Equilibrium.

Therefore it's perfectly logical to infer that the universe behaves the same way too. Question is, what happens AFTER we reach equilibrium?

Lux said...

I don't think the universe as a whole will ever reach equilibrium. Sure it might be a a single huge machinery,and it might even have a purpose, but a machinery this huge will eventually be brought down by chaos theory (or possibly Murphy's law). There are just too many intricate systems working together, and everything affects everything.

Great blog post, I just followed you and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more.

ed said...

it is us humans who gives things 'traits' and by communication it becomes universal ideals

Sam said...

I saw this type of argument written down before along with the ontological argument for the existence of god..
Nice blog!

Zach said...

Offtopic, but nice blog layout

Danny Murphy said...

Great read mate, very interesting

Jay said...

this is very deep...

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