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And Fiona, I'm waaatching you.

Dootzkie Thursday, April 28, 2011
A while pack I brought to you the great Panda Cheese ads.

Today, we got another bear, and this one is creepy as well. The Willem Defoe and his serial killer voice don't help either.


And another one :D


hirou said...

I wonder if this ad was successful; at least, it makes people remember it.

Also, you made me remember some story about Russian strange ad, gotta post...

Intraman said...


Jay said...

creeeepy bear.... i'm never opening my fridge again!

Poker Ed said...

ah man i love this ad, :D

ThirteenCats said...

Hmmm, these look familiar! Lol

psychologypost said...

lol creepy, but it looks good

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