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Squeeze me tight

Dootzkie Thursday, May 26, 2011

Found this today and even thou this day should have an easy going theme, sadly for some, it won't.

Knjaz Milosh, an important ruler in the histroy of my country once asked his informers is the people talking amongst them self.
~Well, my lord, they are talking about how they are not satisfied
~Squeeze them even more - Responded Milosh

After a while, one the same question, Milosh got the same answer. This repeated it self for quite a while until one day the responce was "the people is silent"
On this, Milosh jumped and spoke loudly - Release the preasure on the people at once.

In the state I am living, the present goverment did something great recently. Amongst all the bad decisions they made and for which the people are paying more and more they decided to start squeezing people where no ruler on this teritories did. This made me smile because once you go down that road, you perish...

I love when things unfold in front of my eyes, what ever it is. And we can expect curtain things to happen becaus even thou histroy doesn't repeat it self, it rhymes.

As for todays theme, it was about design, so I do hope you enjoyed the picture above and I do hope that if you are not free to make your own options, you understand that you can stand in only two conditions.



Grant said...

Time to revolt?
Time to revolt.

GoGoGoViral said...

I really enjoy the quote at the top of your page, it's very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

We are shackled and we must release our true selves

Astronomy Pirate said...

Yeah, it's all a cycle: wash, rinse, repeat. Of course when leaders let up pressure, the people love them and hail them.

Mercurio said...

revolution is the only change... I think a quote was something like that.

Nom de Plume said...

No, you've got it wrong, dude.... I'm free as a bird! :D

Radux said...

That picture is so true!

Doro said...

-What time is it now?
-It's time to revolt!

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