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University debate

Dootzkie Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Over this last weekend as some of you know I was attending a debating tournament held at the university of political science.

The format was BP [British parliamentary debate] which meant that you will have added two sections of the table. For those that know it, its obvious why this format is so great, for those that don't, Google it... I can't explain it in here without flooding the blog with walls of text.

The topic we were talking about were:
~THW put those that go on a hunger strike on trial for an attempted murder.
~THW divide Kosovo [a local theme].
~THW allow only the state to fund election campaign.
~THW give the "morning after" pill to everyone.

Then the semi-finals
~THB that the state should provide drugs to the junkies.

And the finals
~THB that the international community should actively take side in a inner-state conflicts around the world.

[THW - This House Would / THB - This House Believes]

We had people from many many different universities. University of psychology, law, political science, organizational science, economics, philology, philosophy and others.
In the spirit of the debating competition, the second that started out slowly because of the epidemy of hangovers and the lack of sleep but it ended with a great finals in which the winners too home a bottle of Mr. Walker.

Do you have a debating club on your university?
And why if you aren't in it, what are you waiting for?!


Splendid TV said...

I don't go to university yet, but this post has made me want to join a debating club when i do.

Dave said...

Debating clubs are great fun. You get to know people a lot beter.

Anonymous said...

We have a debate club in my college and the reason I'm not in it is, I don't have the balls to do public speaking lol

Easy Smile ! said...

me too i think i will visit a club someday to see how it goes

Anonymous said...

Debating guys like you are the guys which i like the most :)

Colin Biano said...

if i were in debate, i would end up telling my opponent to go kill himself or something

Trolske said...

As far as I know, we don't have a debate club at university. But I'm not sure if I would join it.

G said...

I love a good argument...but never got around to debating in uni...something i regret

CPH said...

I purposefully create foolish arguments in class to waste time.

Mercurio said...

Those were pretty though topics to debate.

Malkavian said...

There isnt anything even close as this when i went to university. Sounded pretty cool.

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