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... isn't normal, but in the world of today it is.

Dootzkie Friday, March 11, 2011
I shall presume most, if not all, of you heard about what has happened this morning in regards to Japan. If not, check it out and stay informed.
What the news reminded me, on the other hand had some funny and disturbing correlation

If you didn't see this advertisement campaign, I think that the picture explains what it's happening. There is form of behavior that is not rational nor normal and it's caused by a drug that creates addiction and illusions. Now, you must be asking, how does this have anything to do with the earthquake and the tsunami that have hit Japan and will affect most of the Pacific ocean? Allow me to explain

News reader on the TV and news on the net already have predictions on how much will this cost Japan, how long will it take to rebuild, how will this influence the economy of the country and the affected region. While I do agree that this, in today's world is important, I cannot agree with the fact that this is the primary concern. Casualties are going from 3 to 5 to 18 to 19 and so on, yet no one really mentions how many people will be displaced, how many lives might be in danger or how long will it take for those people to get back to their pieces of land. When you got your priorities mixed up, you get an idea that money for you meth is more important then your integrity or health of an old man (like it can be seen in the rest of the ads against the use of meth). When you are already high, peel away your skin for bugs, obviously.

Caring more about how much something will cost or what is the economical damage then the lives of the people on the ground isn't normal, prudent nor rational, but in today's world it is.

Numbers over people... I mentioned in of of my earlier posts this phrase "Welcome to Earth where money is the root of all evil and you do everything you can to get more money"

This also has a lot to do with the fact of how our own Monkey Sphere is limited and how we can relate to numbers, but not to other human beings, but on that subject, some other time.

Be well.


Patti D. said...

That is very sad but true, money is all that matters, there are people dying in Africa on a daily basis and no one cares.

rinns said...

It's a shame what we are these days.
I really enjoyed the video also.

Shelby Fox said...

I like the pictures where they modify the captions/images to make them do even crazier stuff.

Meth isn't a funny drug, but these ads sure are.

Full HD Wallpapers said...

What happened in Japan is terribad!

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