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Late hours epiphany

Dootzkie Thursday, March 10, 2011
We are all under one tyranny that some brave or foolish enough say we might be able to escape from. This tyranny influences our lives the most and was one of greatest pieces of the puzzle in the creation of civilization that we know today. It may differ from one corner of the earth to another, but it's iron hold on us, on our lives is ever present. It can give or take life. Make it easier or hard. It produces the greatest masterpieces that usually last only for a moment, as if to tease us.

I am, of course, talking about nature. It's ways are beautiful and harmonious.

But it's also freakish and scary


Tony Storm said...

oh god, the wonders of nature, never ceases to amaze me, i think its amazing

mac-and-me said...

that is soo creepy

Shaft said...

Absolutely brilliant video.

Full HD Wallpapers said...

Great Epiphany! And even better video :)

Something Concupiscible said...

I've seen this before. Creepy and interesting.

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