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If you keep your mind open for too much...

Dootzkie Monday, March 14, 2011
... Your brain mught fall out.

I had a few people that in know in real life give me comments about expanding your minds and Quantum Leaps. While I did direct the towards the works of Robert Anton Wilson, I was reminded in what pragmatic time of cinicism we do live in. So, as homage to the distroted view on reality of the present time I shall comment upon the issue of PARANOIA.

For paranoia, I often say that it is a honed sense of reality and that while you should keep your mind and heart opened for everything, and then close it for malevolent invluences, and not the other way around, a little precaution is always good. Correct me if I am wrong, but Nietzsche did mention that the third transformation of a man should be into a child, right after the mule and a lion. On the other hand, staying on your toes is always a good thing for it sharpens your brain... And it does keep it from falling out.

 Anatidaephobia anyone?

To quote Henry Kissinger - The fact that I am paranoid, doesn't mean that no is watching over me.

So keep a sharp and open mind at both times. And beware of the ducks!


rinns said...

Damn ducks..

Meghan Moran said...

Kissinger was right!

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