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Dootzkie Monday, March 21, 2011
I've been writing quite a bit and it seems that there are no animations to be found on the first page of my blog! THAT WILL NOT DO!

To correct this error, I shall tell you a duck story! Not one, but three!

Watch them in order because some of the ideas do go over to the next episode.
Enjoy! And remember, the ducks are watching you ;)
Hey, got any grapes

<3 Puns

Just as planned ;)


A.C.Brown said...

huzzah for ducks, what will they get up to next

Kim Anders said...

its stays in my head :O

p said...

hahahah nice song

Meghan Moran said...

haha this is odd to say the least.

BlowingInTheWind said...

dissapointing endings :(

catchy song though!

BlowingInTheWind said...

I had to watch these again today xD

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