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Takes one to know one

Dootzkie Thursday, March 24, 2011
As a member of a debating club of my university, I do come across many interesting topics and information. One of the debates that we had was related to religion and religious leaders and afterward, when the debate was over we chatted about theists, atheists and something I had to include, anti-theists. Spiritual people were kinda left on the side.

This seems like an interesting topic to cover, so I will get right on it when I get a bit of time. Exams are approaching quickly.

Until the three to maybe four post series is over, I'd like to hear from you people, via comments, where do you see your self, and what do you think about this topic.

As a small intro, I shall explain my stand.
For me, everything but two things are based on faith. I believe I am in this body, that I am typing this on a keyboard and that this delicious cake I am eating is actually real. I believe in scientific measures, but I don't believe in limits.
In a world based on faith in your reason and senses, where do you place the core of your faith? And are you aware it's faith, rather then fact?

Awaiting your replies as you await my posts on these funny three groups that do often jump at each others throats.

Be well


Raw News said...

fact rules the day, logic holds it to be so.

Jay.CA said...

it's hard to debate with someone who's defense is faith.

A.C.Brown said...

agreeing with jay, because at the end of the day faith as a defence is only a defence because you say it's there.

D. said...

Atheist who believes in Murphy :) and fate and luck ... actually, I'm just superstitious.

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