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Quantum Leaps

Dootzkie Sunday, March 13, 2011
What are these Quantum Leaps you keep hearing about? For me, they are moments in time of tru transcendance from one paradigme of thought to another. It's a moment when the last milimeter of a snake leaves the old skin. It's an instant, an endlessly small moment. Infinity in a point. And yet it is a huge step to take for it means you need to shed the old and rush in into the world with the eyes of a child.

When you are in one paradigme and you are aware that you need to expand your mind and jump out of it because it isn't doing you good, you need to make a Quantum Leap. This Leap of Faith as some call it is the change from one paradigme to another and does demand a lot of dedication. Not because you are don't think or see that the new pastures are evidently better, but because you are not prepared to shed the old.

You get a feeling as if the image of you is being torn apart, just like a picture of a malfunctioning TV oscilates all over and you get more of the same pictures but that are all off center.

This is why raising awareness about the paradigme you are in and the paradigme you are going to is so important. Expanding your mind, beliefs and thoughts, for in the end, if this doesn't happen on a massive scale, humanity might not exist for much longer, at least on the cosmic time scale.

Listen to Michio Kaku!

What is keeping you down in your paradigme of existance?
Where do you want to be?
Do you see that image of your future so sharp that you can cut your self on it?


Daniel Andrade said...

Where do you want to be?

Hawaii with a beer on 1 hand and my girl on the "other". does it count?

nice inside to the quantum leaps will watch the documentary ;)

p said...

My science teacher always talks about this stuff, she loves it! I'll show her that video ;D

mac-and-me said...

Great post, makes me think

Kingmush said...

Been hearing about this recently actually.

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