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Time is relevant? I'd say so!

Dootzkie Monday, March 14, 2011
After a nice talk with a mate, I was informed that the earthquake not only influenced one part of the region, but the whole Earth. Now don't ask me how and why, I am just reading about it, but it seems that our planet has been moved a bit off it's own axis and that the calendar we have and use today won't do any more.

Be aware of one fact, the time, as it is is one thing, but the measures of time is another. We don't care about the time, but only on the measure of times passed. Now, nature said what it had and our global agreement about the dates no longer depicts the reality of the world around us.

I wonder, will we, as a race, be autistic enough to ignore this scientfic fact or will we be able to adapt and pay the price of being aware that calendar and the clock isn't time, but human agreement.

On the other note, my health is finally getting better in regards of the past few days so I do appologize for a bit of randomness in the posts. As you can see, short and sharp ones ae back.

Be well


Slamcakes said...

We as humans are very stubborn. I doubt anything would change until it can't be ignored anymore. That's just the way we are, you could throw facts at us all day but nobody will listen until it starts affecting them directly.

mac-and-me said...

on the bright side you will live a few microseconds longer :)

rinns said...

How much of a difference is there?

Dootzkie said...

Dear Rinns, enough that this already outdated calendar won't reflect any longer the reality of the world :D

On the other hand, it's perfect for the already established economical reality ;)

Ashton Chase said...

Very very very small difference haha, and it wouldn't be the first.

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