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Tyranny of Nature - Release of the icy grip

Dootzkie Friday, March 11, 2011
The Winter ministry of the tyranny of Nature is fading away. They did their job and now we will all feel some refreshing freedom that comes with the arrival of warmer days.

This is why, tomorrow I will dedicate the better part of the day to just being outside, strolling and enjoying first normal rays of sunlight from Nov.

On another note, I plan to make a series of posts regarding some of the words we often use, but yet cannot define them or their core nature. So far, and bare in mind it's late/early now when I am writing this, I have included into the list words like Wish, Hope, Faith, Freedom, Reality, Feeling, Touch and some other i can't recall now. I will also include a closer look at some polarities in society

These will come sometimes in bulks, sometimes far apart, but I hope you will all follow these because it is trough these words I will try present for you my Path and my beliefe system.

Be sure to stick around even if I skip a few day or two ;)
I am probably doing some "research"

Be well


Shelby Fox said...

Yo it was so sunny here today too.

General Winter has almost retreated from the battlefield. Let's home Sergeant Summer and his troops are ready.

D. said...

Enjoy the sun! You'll get inspired for sure.

Slamcakes said...

Old Man winter is on his last legs, let's take him off life support and be done with him

Anders said...

Lol. I read 'Tranny of nature'. Not the post I expected :D

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