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Perfect driving music.

Dootzkie Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Today we start off with some music. This song has been listed in best driving music playlist made by Top Gear. I know I listen to it when ever I go over to meet my significant other. This is why I like this best out of that playlist. It's perfect for traveling when you're in a long distance relationship.

When I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough
She sents her comfort comin' in from above


Jay.CA said...

perfect choice!

Anonymous said...

I find Pendulum is great for driving fast.
Slow piano pieces are nice when driving slowly. :)

RereDee said...

For some odd reason I can not see any of your videos or music you post...only an empty white box! =(

A.C.Brown said...

it's good music for coding if nothing else

BlowingInTheWind said...

Nice, makes driving bareable!

tyler_crowe said...

I do like that song at any rate, don't normaly drive to it however

Cayven said...

good song choice and good post. Cheers!

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