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Nothing is Good or Bad, but thinking makes it so.

Dootzkie Saturday, March 12, 2011
Bah... Nothing exploded for a while in Japan so it seems that the free glowsticks for the rave won't arrive. Also, I've read what I wanted about radiation, nuclear power plants, radiation poisoning and all that so on this subject there is nothing more to see, that is until the moment that it goes ka-boom. If it does.

Now, for those that read this, I might seem to be insensitive, but that is not so true.

When Japan, France and some other countries decided to no nuclear, they knew what they are getting them self into. People who go to live in earthquake friendly areas are also aware of the facts of their surroundings. You get some from it, you might lose some from it. At the very least, I can admit that I like the mentality of those that live in risky territories. Gambling in reality rather then on the table or a machine is much more fun. You make a choice, you live with it.

With that explained, I want to talk about a much more interesting topic. The perception of good and evil. Shakespear said that nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so and I do believe in this. This is why I don't care about many things that the society tells me I should. This is why I only show interest in another duality and that is static and dynamic.

Static, passive state of the world at this moment could be defined and is defined as malevolent and bad. At that moment, the dynamic energy works towards the so called good and benefit for the all. In all seriousness, I have a feeling that in a utopian society I would be bored and cause trouble. Always on the move, that's the way it should be.

~Jolly Joker, over and out
Be well


Full HD Wallpapers said...

In about 10 days the radation will reach the US and we'll al be glowsticks and have 5 arms, lol.

Meghan Moran said...

a bit nihilistic, but an interesting point of view nonetheless.

Something Concupiscible said...

Everyone has their own opinion. That's why people invented the gray area.

Dootzkie said...

Not at all Nihilistic. Just indifferent to some illusionary creations :D

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