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Twitter, second go at remodeling and Soviet Russia

Dootzkie Friday, March 25, 2011
It's kinda late so I will postpone the second part of the (a)theist series. Wait for it, it will be worth it!

In the mean time, I have made a twitter account that you can follow HERE. Don't be surprized if you witness some outbursts of, how my mate calls them, mental farts.

Also, I plan to tinker with the templates for the blog since I saw some that really do look good so Imma steal their layouts.

As for the Soviet Russia, I see you liked the previous post and specially one comment, so in relation to the topic that these two post interupted here is another funny one - In Soviet Russia, God creates you ;)

Oh, the implications!

Be well, comrades!


SlowNSteady said...

First part was an interesting read, looking forward to the second :)

Asty said...

In Soviet Russia, Twitter follows you

Meghan Moran said...

Good luck on finding a template that suits you.

mac-and-me said...

damn asty beat me :3

Jay.CA said...

lol, mental farts. D

psyke said...

@Asty I was going to write the same thing, lol.

Cayven said...

nice post, will wait for next post! Cheers

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