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Dootzkie Thursday, March 17, 2011
It's a new dawn, it's a new day!

Today I woke up, saw the beautiful day outside and for the first moment in a while I wasn't surprised that the sky was clear, there was a mild wind blowing and that it's warm and sunny. We have seen enough of such days here in the last few days to confirm that spring has arrived and that the beautiful days weren't just a fluke.

Here are some songs that I like to listen and that get me pumped up and ready to soak up every ray of light!

You really aren't sure if he is in love with his Enzo or with Gina or who ever. I love the sexual charge of this song! Jamiroquai always manages to hit my nerve and does influence me quite a bit.

I want more! ALWAYS! Great song, great beats great words (Decisions based upon faith and not fear, people who live right now and right here) and not to mention the breathtaking video. Pyongyang "games" are one of the things that I really wish to see before I go of to Valhalla.

Again, for those that know me, after Faithless, Daft Punk is mandatory. Great songs that two girls were listening and were bored cause they were studying the whole day produced this. Gotta admire the creativity that sprouted from their box heads!

We will drag you from the way you are to where you belong! Nothing else needs to be said to explain how great this song is. All you need is to turn up the volume to the max!



Patti D. said...

awesome songs!!!

Something Concupiscible said...

Faithless, heck yes!

Freddy said...

i like these songs, good choise

Erika said...

Pendulum - fuck yeah!

And who doesn't love that Feeling Good song <3


Football Maniac said...

I cant view 2/5, I already knew 4/5 just from the title, but thank you for the last gem :)

mac-and-me said...

the daft punk one is a great video :D

Eric P said...

My most recent visit with Jamiroquai was when Jay Kay himself was on Top Gear...haven't heard his music in ages!

Ashton Chase said...

Daft Punk is always amazing!

BuzzAldron said...

Daft Punk and Pendulum, fucking killer.

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