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Creating darkness - News version

Dootzkie Friday, March 18, 2011
For all of us that watch the news, we know what UN resolution has been passed. Funny thing that I noticed. 10 countries were for, amongst them Qatar or Lebanon which were the most vocal. On the other hand news are full of the bombardment about who didn't oppose. 5 countries didn't vote and amongst those is PR China, Russia and Germany. You'd think that they would only name the big players, but when I saw who they left out I had to laugh out loud... India and Brazil. Really tiny and meaningless...

For someone who doesn't want to read anything more then what he is served (and I really did need to look around quite a lot for the actual voting results) it would seem that Russia and PR China are always anti-NATO and that Germany is in PMS from the moment Angela came to power. But when you look at the fact that the most vocal for it are jokes of a state (I am not saying that they are failed regions, but they sure are not independent) and that India and Brazil are not worthy of a mention, you need to wonder about the global legitimacy of these kind of decisions

May we all be blessed by the Merciful Angel


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