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Dootzkie Sunday, March 20, 2011
Natural, supernatural or are we at the quantum leap between those two paradigmes of reality.

A soon to me showen TV show on Discovery called "Stan Lee's Superhumans" motivated me to talk about so called superpowers and where do I see that in relation to us, humans.

But before I start to talk about what radioactive animal you should get a bite from, I need to talk about the "powers" them self. I believe that we will never fly with wings as we are now nor that we, humans will be able to launch laser beams from our eyes. Weather manipulation, evoking earthquakes, death rays or some other high powered abilities have already been developed (thank you Nikola Tesla) but most of them were destroyed so they don't get used by badies. They are still achievalbe with technology.

The powers I am talking about are there for their user without any need of technology or significant changes in how we appear. Levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, manupulation of magnetic field, superspeed, superstrenght, agility, manupilating the electrical or energy fields, X-ray vision and even the manipulation of matter I see as achievable.

Where are your magnets now?!

I don't think these are special gifts bestowed by some higher power or that people that do posses these abilities are unique in any other way other then that they did awaken their potentials.
You heart started beating when one of its cells contracted out of the blue, you have a electro-magnetic machine in your head, you can perceive more then any other animal with no thanks to your senses. You are a result of billions and billions of years of evolution so why wouldn't you be able to have some of the abilities that we, as humanity might find nifty for survival?

So in essence, I believe that we are already able for many of these feets, that we will be able for even more in the future. I also believe that the present zeigeist is holding us down in this area as well and that we will achieve hights meant for our race as soon as we understand that impossible is nothing!

Also, while we are on the topic of the superpowers, pick one you'd like to have most and share why!
For me, I'd like to be able to concentrate my consciousness and reincarnate with it in another human body for ever.


Erika said...

Invisibility or the ability to pause time. That would be so awesome.....

A.C.Brown said...

you get flight and the ability to fuck shit up. WITH YOUR MIND!!

Football Maniac said...

Connect my mind with the internet. That way I could cheat on my economics-exam :p

Jay.CA said...

all of the above. >:)

Pappa Püllï said...

Gah, that video is so strange!

Patres said...

Man I'd love to fly. Like even if it was a tiring activity like running, I imagine, it'd be awesome.

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