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Dootzkie Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Last night I had a vivid dream on how I should rearrange the layout of the blog and what should go where. It will hopefully allow me to implement a few new gadgets while keeping the text section as it is. Since I am still kinda new to this, it will be perfected through trial and error which will take some time.
So if you see the blog changing in front of your eyes, yes, its the heavy hallucinogenic drug you took ON TOP of my fiddling with it in the background. I won't be planting dragons in your kitchen nor will can I release the butterflies from the monitor. That is all you.

Not to leave you totally hanging, I will share with you an great animation that you can enjoy while high and that you may find disturbing if you are not.

Everybody dance!

Well, if you are going to dance while the little cloud bleeds out of his back door, you better have a tune to dance to. Here is one of the great songs from one of the greatest bands of all time. Addictiveness of their beats is second only to the power of their lyrics. The one, the only ~ FAITHLESS



mac-and-me said...

nice tracks

Full HD Wallpapers said...

I'm not high and still enjoyed the vid :-P

'Auana said...

lol, i remember that rejected cartoons video from when i was in middle school. Ah Memories...

rinns said...

I love Don Hertzfeldt :D

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