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8th of March

Dootzkie Tuesday, March 8, 2011
If you are reading this, you got up, made tea or coffee. Washed your face and either bought flowers or got it from someone. But there is this one thing about todays holiday that makes me giggle every time. And I giggle for two reasons. Here they are:

~First off, the name of the days is "Womens' Day", not "Womens' rights day". Just "Womens' Day". Thus we can make a conclusion that this is about all the women in the world and not those that might need help. Feminists would like use to believe that every man, even a begger on the street, is opressing every woman in the world, even the Queen of England.
So, the holiday is not about female rights, but women, ok. I can live with that.

~Now, compare that to some other holidays around the year. And you can compare it to "Mens' Day". Testicular or breast cancer awareness, AIDS awareness day, human equality day or what not. When you compare these holidays, you can see they are all there to raise awareness.

Now, I am not saying that my Ratio did a good job, but it does sound to me like we all need to have higher awareness about women, not womens' rights" but women. That seems to be the idea of todays holiday.
So you see, this is a holiday for men that should raise our awareness about the alien species we share our bed with.

Post dedicated to the love of my life ;)


'Auana said...

Im all for better awareness.

Not many people know about the oppression many women are still suffering. Such as pay difference that men, sexual predators, and much more.

I respect every woman, and hope today, allot of people recognize that the woman beside them, is a special and unique being, sacred and should be cherished.

AS said...

I need a man to make my day special. D<

Full HD Wallpapers said...

No YOU are crazy! ;-)

Shaft said...

Never heard of woman's day....:P

Thuganomics said...

^the pay difference is highly debatable. men are always working more overtime and taking less sick days.

Scott said...

To be honest, I wasn't even aware of this day. Is it universal?'

Either way, I fully agree that they should focus the day on raising awareness for the oppressed women of the world, rather than the generic sense they seem to be using it for now.

BlowingInTheWind said...

They had womans day last month too, bloody valentines day.

Anonymous said...

awwwww...hun... it is always a nice surprise how u turn something that is just for women to feel special and make it all about men :P
and btw. it is about women rights check the history fact on it.
But i still love you :P

Dootzkie said...

Actually, love, to me it looks like a day when you raise awareness about women (every women) just like you should have a day to raise awareness on how to play dead when faced with a bear.
Love ya, silly

rinns said...

I didn't even know this day existed!
BUT! I definitely agree about how feminists believe that every man on the street is some woman hating nazi who goes out of their way to make every womans life miserable. Feminists man, how do they work?

But on the other note, I really don't think we need a womans awareness day, it's hard to NOT be aware you know what I mean? ;)

(It's because we're sexy)

D. said...

Ne znam kako se kaze cepidlaka na engleskom :p ali! imam dobar odgovor - Dan zena, ne samo zenskih prava, vec uopste prisustva i znacaja zena na svetu! Naravno, ja sam totalno za da imamo i Dan dece i Dan muskaraca :))

Dootzkie said...

Zapravo D. meni dan zena vishe izgleda kao dan podizanja svesti o zenama... Da bi muskarci znali kada treba da beze glavom bez obzira.


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